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Bilateral and Regional Financial Contributions Related to the Implementation of the Convention

The UNFCCC reporting and review guidelines state that Annex II Parties shall provide any information on any financial resources provided related to the implementation of the Convention. The guidelines indicate that Annex II Parties should use table 5 of Section VIII of part II of the guidelines to communicate information on resources provided through bilateral and regional financial contributions related to the implementation of the Convention.

The information presented in the bilateral section of the module has been extracted from fourth and fifth national communication reports of Parties that reported information in a format that was possible to extract. In communicating this information, some Parties have included information specific only to the implementation of the Convention.

The following terms have been used in this section:

Party - Annex II Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change

Sector - Categorization of sectors into mitigation or adaptation is based on Table 5 of the guidelines. Energy, Transport, Forestry, Agriculture, Waste Management, and Industry are categorized as mitigation sectors whereas capacity-building, costal-zone management, and vulnerability studies are categorized as adaptation sectors. In some instances, Parties reported information on contributions in newly defined sectors but indicated whether they were categorized as adaptation or mitigation. In such cases, these figures were respectively aggregated under the "Other Adaptation" or "Other mitigation" category. In cases where Parties did not specify whether contributions reported under a sector could be categorized as mitigation or adaptation, figures were aggregated under the "Unspecified" category.

Sub-regional - Some contributions are not spec