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Recipient Parties

This section provides information on the Fast-start Finance (FSF) allocations, whenever such information has been provided by contributing Parties. It also includes detailed data on projects and activities supported by contributing countries. However, the information vary in details as some contributing countries provided detailed information in their submission while other countries only provided samples of projects they supported and referred to their web sites for detailed information.

The information contained under the category "Implementation period" comprises information provided by Parties on the implementation period and/or disbursement period of the specific project or activity.

The information below can be filtered for various variables.

Recipient Party

Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
AOSIS Canada  Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) Ministerial Meeting in November 2010  0.237CAD2011Nov 2010
AOSISAustralia has also allocated A$1.5 million in fast-start funding to support the secretariat of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), with A$0.5 million already disbursed, as it represents the interests of SIDS in international negotiations.Australia     0.500AUDUpdate 2011 
ASEAN, China, IndiaReserch for making energy saving roadmaps in East Asia countriesJapan3East Asia Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustriesMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.480USD2012Oct 2010
ASEAN, China, India, Republic of KoreaReserch for making energy saving roadmaps in East Asia countriesJapanEast Asia  MitigationEnergy and resource saving, REDD0.480USD2011Oct 2010
ASEAN, ThailandThe project promotes low-carbon patterns of consumption and production in Thailand and other ASEAN states by developing criteria for climate-smart products and services. These criteria are to be applied to particularly climate-relevant product groups within the states’ existing ecolabelling systems, and are to be used as a basis for public procurement. Thailand’s government has set up a corresponding programme, among other related activities. Criteria development is the bottleneck in this process. The project’s goal is to substantially improve climate performance on both the production and consumption side. Experience gained with the German ‘Blue Angel’ ecolabel scheme will be utilised to ensure optimised labelling, awareness-raising and marketing strategies for climate-smart products. Existing label schemes such as the Thai Green Label will be expanded and harmonised.GermanyAsia Regional GIZMitigation 2.000EUR201305/2012-06/2015
AfghanistanThe initiative aims at supporting vulnerable people in Herat and other Afghan Provinces, providing first relief and improving accessibility to basic social and health services.Italy  DGCSAdaptation 0.000EUR20132013-2014
Afghanistan2012 disbursmentSlovenia  NGOsMitigation 0.006EUR20132012
AfghanistanThe overall objective of the project is to increase access to electricity in Gelan townPoland  Minstry of DefenceMitigation 0.070EUR20122010
AfghanistanHydoelectric power station in GelanPoland  Ministry of DefenceAdaptation 0.070EUR20112010
AfghanistanThe overall objective of the project is to increase access to electricity in Gelan townPoland  Ministry of DefenceMitigation 0.072EUR20132010
Afghanistan Norway   Mitigation 0.074USD2013Disbursed 2012
AfghanistanAdvisor on Water Resources Development and ManagementJapan  Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptationWater and Sanitation0.130USD2013Jun - 2011
AfghanistanHigher expert education through accredited study programs in Parwan province.Slovakia  SAIDCAdaptation, Mitigation 0.267EUR20132012
AfghanistanProject for Capacity Development and Institutional Strengthening of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock(MAIL)Japan  Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptationFarming and irrigation0.322USD2013May - 2012
AfghanistanThe overall aim of the investment is to improve hygiene and sanitary conditions and raise standards of living in GhazniPoland  Ministry of DefenceAdaptation 0.490EUR20122010
AfghanistanMechanical sewage treatment plant building in GhazniPoland  Ministry of DefenceAdaptation 0.490EUR20112010
AfghanistanThe overall aim of the investment is to improve hygiene and sanitary conditions and raise standards of living in GhazniPoland  Ministry of DefenceAdaptation 0.493EUR20132010
AfghanistanThe project willl fund two types of sctivities: 1)relief assistance (food items) for the specific disaster affected, vulnerable individuals and communities falling under the “population at risk” criteria in Herat, Kunar, Badakshan, Bamyan and Maidan-wardak provinces and 2) strengthen and expand the Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) programme of Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) in the mentioned Provinces Italy  IFRCAdaptation 0.600EUR20132010-2011
Afghanistan Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.602USD2013Disbursed 2012
Afghanistan Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.602USD2013Total 2010-2012
AfghanistanThe primarily objective of the project is to immediately respond in the rain-fed agroecological zones to assist 8,500 households affected by drought and food insecurity and build the resilience of another 2,000 hoseholds through disaster risk reduction in 4 most disaster prone areas, in order to limit a continuing decline in households' assests and livelihoods Italy  IFRCAdaptation 0.900EUR20132011-2012
AfghanistanEgalement au Tadjikistan; GERES - Afghanistan & Tadjikistan - Energie pour le développement économique et la lutte contre la pauvretéFrance  AFD  0.900EUR20132012-2014
Afghanistan NorwayAsia Regional  Mitigation 1.249USD20122011
Afghanistan Norway   Mitigation 1.323USD2013Total 2010-2012
AfghanistanRegional Programs Benefiting a Number of Countries, Including Afghanistan: to promote energy efficiency and the partial replacement of fossil fuel power generation by hydropower through the South Asia Regional Initiative Energy Program. The amount provided here does not necessarily reflect the sum total of climate-related financing provided by the U.S. Government to this country.United States of AmericaAsia Regional South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration Program (SARI/EI)  1.500USDUpdate 2012FY 2012
AfghanistanMinistry of the Environment of Estonia made a contribution of 1,605,008 to the United Nations Environment Programme for "Strengthening Climate Change Adaptation in Rural Communities, for Agriculture and Environmental Management in Afghanistan" within UNEP project “Environmental Cooperation for Peacebuilding-Phase III” in 2012-2015. The project will build national capacity to plan for community resilience to climate change based threats in Afghanistan. Focus will be on sustainable water, pasture and environmental management in pilot sites and strengthening communities in Kabul province, the North and Central Highlands of Afghanistan. Core activities involve working with national government planners, advisors and decision makers to strengthen planning and action for community resilience in vulnerable areas of the country where high potential exists for productive, financially sustainable, ecologically sound agricultural development.Estonia  UNEPAdaptation 1.600EUR20132012-2015
Afghanistan Italy  UNOPSAdaptation 1.800EUR20132010-2012
Afghanistan Italy  UNOPSAdaptation 1.800EUR20122010-2012
AfghanistanMultilateral Funding Directly Benefiting Afghanistan, to Which the United States Contributes a Portion: $3.3 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF); the United States contributed; $60 million to the GEF for climate change programming in 2012.United States of AmericaAsia Regional GEF  3.300USDUpdate 2012FY 2012
AfghanistanThe project is concerned with the diversification of rural livelihoods, agriculture and irrigation methods.Germany  GIZ*Adaptation 6.000EUR20132010 - 2013
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Contributing Parties

Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundSort by this columnInstitutionsTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
Developing CountriesContribution to UN-REDDJapan ACEF (Asian Clean Energy Fund) MitigationForestry, REDD3.240USD2011Mar 2010
 Contoribution to ACEF (Asian Clean Energy Fund)Japan3Asia Regional, PacificACEF (Asian Clean Energy Fund) MitigationEnergy and resource saving, Renewable energy sector6.500USD2012Jan 2011
 Contoribution to ACEF (Asian Clean Energy Fund)Japan3Asia Regional, PacificACEF (Asian Clean Energy Fund) MitigationEnergy and resource saving, Renewable energy sector11.290USD2012Mar 2010
 Contribution to ACEF (Asian Clean Energy Fund)JapanAsia Regional, PacificACEF (Asian Clean Energy Fund) MitigationEnergy and resource saving, Renewable energy sector11.290USD2011Mar 2010
  Norway AFDF - African Development Fund   83.000USD2013Disbursed 2010
  Norway AFDF - African Development Fund   86.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
  Norway AFDF - African Development Fund   258.000USD2013Total 2010-2012
  Norway ASDF - Asian Development Fund   10.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
  Norway ASDF - Asian Development Fund   10.000USD2013Disbursed 2010
  Norway ASDF - Asian Development Fund   31.000USD2013Total 2010-2012
  LuxembourgInternationalAdaptation Fund Adaptation 1.000EUR20122011
  LuxembourgInternationalAdaptation Fund Adaptation 1.000EUR20132012
Global Germany2 Adaptation FundWorld BankAdaptation 10.000EUR2011
GlobalThe Adaptation Fund has been established by the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol of the UNFCCC to finance concrete adaptation projects and programmes in developing countries that are Parties to the Kyoto Protocol.Germany Adaptation FundWorld BankAdaptation 10.000EUR20122010
  SwedenVariousAdaptation Fund Adaptation 11.000EUR2011 
 Support to range of developing countries to implement concrete adaptation projects and programmes, with a focus on vulnerable communities.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternationalAdaptation Fund Adaptation 11.520EUR20122011-2012
  European Union1 Adaptation Fund   12.500EUR20122011
  European Union1 Adaptation Fund   12.800EUR20132012
  Australia Adaptation Fund Adaptation 15.000AUD2011 
 The Adaptation Fund has recently been working with the Solomon Islands to enhance its agricultural and food security and has endorsed future work with Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands. The Adaptation Fund was designed to finance adaptation projects and programs in developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, including Pakistan. Funding to these initiatives is to flow over financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13. A number of African countries are also receiving support through the Adaptation Fund including Eritrea and Senegal.Australia Adaptation Fund Adaptation 15.000AUDUpdate 2011 
  SwedenVariousAdaptation Fund Adaptation 21.900EUR20122010-2011
  SwedenVariousAdaptation Fund Adaptation 35.000EUR20132010-2012
 The Adaptation Fund, established by the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is mandated to finance concrete adaptation projects and programmes in developing countries.SpainInternationalAdaptation FundWorld BankAdaptation 45.000EUR20122010-
  SpainInternationalAdaptation FundWorld BankAdaptation 45.000EUR20112010-
  European Union1 Adaptation Fund Adaptation 67.000EUR20112010
BangladeshBangladesh Climate Change Resilience FundSweden Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience FundGovt. of BangladeshAdaptation 9.700EUR20112010-2012
 Supporting capacity building and demonstrating projects to effectively sequester/conserve carbon in forest and agro-ecosystems.Grant Financing.CanadaGlobalBioCarbon Plus Fund  Forests and Agriculture4.500CAD2013 
 This initiative will: create a platform to enable policy makers from both developed and developing countries, practitioners, and public and private entities to share experiences and information regarding elements of market readiness, to learn from each other, and to explore and innovate together on new instruments and approaches; a body of knowledge on market instruments that could be tapped for country specific requirements; provide grant financing to the participating countries in building 'infrastructure' for market readiness; pilot, test and sequence new concepts for market instruments; share lessons learned, including with the UNFCCC.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternationalCarbon Markets Readiness Fund Mitigation 8.060EUR20122011-2012
 This commitment brings Australia's total contribution to the CTF to A$100 million. As part of the Climate Investment Funds, the US$4.5 billon CTF promotes finance for demonstration, deployment and transfer of low-carbon technologies as one of the key drivers to a low carbon future.Australia Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   25.000AUD2011 
  AustraliaGlobalClean Technology Fund (CTF)Climate Investment FundsMitigation 25.000AUDUpdate 2014 
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstituteTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
GeorgiaActivity in the framework of Agreement between the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of GeorgiaLatvia  Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of LatviaAdaptation 0.000EUR20112010
GeorgiaActivity in the framework of Agreement between the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of GeorgiaLatvia  Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of LatviaMitigation 0.010EUR20112010-2011
Cape VerdeSupporting participation of Cape Verde delegates in theUNFCCC processPortugal  CECAC  0.020EUR20112010
GlobalThe Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP)Lithuania  World BankAdaptation 0.020EUR2011 
SIDSClimate Change Diplomacy ProjectMalta  DiploFoundationAdaptationCapacity building0.025EUR2011The project ran from 2008 to 2010. The funds for 2010 were allocated from Fast-Start financing.
GlobalStudy on clean development mechanism and genderFinland  MFA Finland/GreenStream Network OyjMitigationCDM, Gender0.030EUR20112010
BelarusInstitutional strengthening of the Belarusian administration responsible for protection of the environment through the promotion of good governance in selected areasPoland  Ministry of EnvironmentAdaptation 0.030EUR20112010
 Two demonstration energy projectsSloveniaWestern Balkans NGOsMitigationInvestment project0.030EUR20112010-2011
UkraineAn exchange of experience in the field of system solutions and good practices in energy efficiency in Poland and UkrainePoland  Association for Innovation and Technology Transfer "Horizons"Adaptation 0.040EUR20112010
MontenegroExpanded energy survey of public facilities and economic evaluation of the biomass heating systemSlovenia  EkoidejaMitigationInvestment project0.040EUR20112010-2011
GeorgiaForestry Education in schools in Kvemo Kartii in GeorgiaPoland  Polish Embassy in Georgia Disaster risk reduction0.040EUR20112010
GeorgiaPreparation of a concept model of forestry in Georgia in the example of the Racza RegionPoland  Forest Research Institute Disaster risk reduction0.050EUR20112010
Developing Countries Iceland  Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) - Women's Delegates Fund Capacity building0.050USD2011Planned allocation in 2011
GeorgiaSupport for the reform of forestry - protection of forests by strengthening the competence of forestersPoland  Polish Embassy in Georgia Disaster risk reduction0.060EUR20112010
AfghanistanHydoelectric power station in GelanPoland  Ministry of DefenceAdaptation 0.070EUR20112010
UkraineTwo countries - one energy efficiency programme. Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the supranational European Commission initiative entitled Covenant of MayorsPoland  Association of Municipalities - Polish Network "Energie Cites"Adaptation 0.090EUR20112010
EthiopiaCapacity development in the field of engineering geology and hydrogeologyCzech Republic  Aquatest a.s. Capacity building0.100EUR20112010-2012
Indonesia, Thailand, Viet NamVulnerability assessment and adaptation to climate change for water resource management in coastal cities of Southeast AsiaGermany2  Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)Adaptation 0.100EUR201111/2011-10/2014
KenyaCapacity Building for Activities Concerning Climate Change MRV System and AdaptationSlovakia  SAIDCAdaptation, MitigationCapacity building for MRV0.100EUR20112010-2011
Guinea-BissauAccess to waterPortugal  VIDAAdaptation 0.100EUR20112010
SenegalTerritorial approach to climate change (TACC), SenegalBelgium  Walloon Agency for Air and Climate (Walloon Region)Adaptation, Mitigation 0.100EUR2011Starting November 2010
UkraineEnergy efficiency planning for the benefit of budget and climate in UkrainePoland  Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCIAdaptation 0.120EUR20112010
KenyaForest Protection Strategy for Improved Carbon Balance and Preservation of Biodiversity Despite Climate ChangeSlovakia  SAIDCAdaptationCapacity building0.120EUR20112010-2011
Sao Tome and PrincipeSolar panels in schoolsPortugal  TESEMitigation 0.120EUR20112010
UkraineExchange of experience between the Polish agricultural advisory and Ukraine in the field of agricultural development including environmental and renewable energy sourcesPoland  The Warmia and Masuria Center of Agricultural Advisory SupportAdaptation 0.120EUR20112010
 Global Alliance for Clean CookstovesMaltaVarious Global Alliance for Clean CookstovesMitigation 0.125EUR20112010
LDCs Iceland  UNU training programs in Iceland Capacity building0.150USD2011Planned allocation in 2011
MongoliaWater supply - extention of water resources in the province of OrkhonCzech Republic  Geomin cooperativeAdaptation 0.160EUR20112010-2012
SerbiaSolar Energy for Handicapped Children in SerbiaSlovakia  SAIDCMitigationTechnology0.160EUR20112010-2011
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Creating a regional system of protected areas, indigenous lands and forests for integrated sustainable management of the Amazon Bolivia. Aid. 8378/CESVI/BOLItaly  CESVI (NGO)Mitigation 0.180EUR20112008-2010 (only the contribution for 2010 has been considered in the column "Contribution by EU or MS (million€)"
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
Developing Countries Iceland The Women's Delegate FundWomen's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) Capacity building0.040USD2012Allocation in 2011
Developing Countries Iceland The Women's Delegate FundWomen's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) Capacity building0.040USD2013Allocation in 2011
Developing CountriesSubject to final approvalIceland The Women's Delegate FundWomen's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) Capacity building0.050USD2012Planned allocation in 2012
Developing Countries Iceland The Women's Delegate FundWomen's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) Capacity building0.050USD2013Allocation in 2012
LDCsUN Women fund for Gender Equality (earmarked contribution for Gender and Climate Change). Subject to final approvalIceland UN Women fund for Gender EqualityUN WomenAdaptation 0.100USD2012Planned allocation in 2012
 EBRD Technical Cooperation FundSlovakia EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund Mitigation 0.130EUR2011 
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries FundUNFCCC / GEFAdaptation 0.134USD2012Allocation in 2011
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries FundUNFCCC / GEFAdaptation 0.134USD2013Allocation in 2011
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries FundUNFCCC / GEFAdaptation 0.150USD2013Allocation in 2012
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 0.150USD2011Planned allocation in 2011
Developing Countries Iceland Fund for Climate Change Agenda SupportUN Women Capacity building0.150USD2013Allocation in 2012
  New Zealand UNFCCC Trust Fund for Participation   0.500NZD20112010
Maldives, SIDS Australia Maldives Climate Change Trust FundWorld BankAdaptation 0.500AUDUpdate 2014 
Maldives, SIDS Australia Maldives Climate Change Trust FundWorld BankAdaptation 0.560AUDUpdate 2014 
GlobalThe UNFCCC Supplementary Fund provides developing countries with technical activities that help them implement their goals and commitments under the UNFCCC, such as having high quality national inventories, deploying clean technology, or developing national adaptation strategies. This contribution is part of a $1.65 million contribution over years 2 and 3.Canada UNFCCC Supplementary Fund  Multi-sector0.650CAD2012FY 2011/2012
GlobalSupport to UNFCCC ActivitiesCanada UNFCCC Trust Fund for Participation  Multi-sector1.000CAD2012FY 2010/2011
GlobalSupport to UNFCCC ActivitiesCanada UNFCCC Supplementary Fund  Multi-sector1.000CAD2012FY 2012/2013
GlobalThe UNFCCC Trust Fund for Participation supports participation by developing country representatives in UNFCCC negotiations and related meetings and partnerships.Canada UNFCCC Trust Fund for Participation  Multi-sector1.000CAD2011Fiscal year 2010/11
Maldives, SIDS Australia Maldives Climate Change Trust FundWorld BankAdaptation 1.060AUDUpdate 2014 
  European Union1 Green Climate Fund   1.100EUR20132012
  New Zealand LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund   1.300NZD20112010
  Norway SCCF - Special Climate Change Fund   2.000USD2013Disbursed 2010
Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Uganda, Viet NamThe CGIAR Research Program aims to integrate the functions and services of forest ecosystems into food security, water and energy services, climate mitigation and adaptation, and the wood chain.Netherlands World Bank: CGIAR Trust Fund Adaptation, Mitigation 2.000EUR20122011-2012
Burkina FasoIUCN Adaptation FundSweden IUCN Adaptation FundIUCN - International Union for Conservation of NatureAdaptation 2.160EUR20112010-2012
  European Union1 International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)   2.400EUR20132012
  Norway Global Crop Diversity TrustGCTD  2.500USD20112010
  Norway SCCF - Special Climate Change Fund   2.500USD20112010
  Norway SCCF - Special Climate Change Fund   3.000USD20122011
  Norway NDF - Nordic Development Fund-  3.000USD2013Disbursed 2010
  Norway LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund   3.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Mitigation -0.020USD20112010
 UK COLLABORATIVE ON DEVELOPMENT SCIENCES - DISASTER RESEARCHUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational  Adaptation 0.020EUR20112010-2011
 Two demonstration energy projectsSloveniaWestern Balkans NGOsMitigationInvestment project0.030EUR20112010-2011
 PAN AFRICA DISASTER RISK POOL FOR FOOD SECURITYUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional  Adaptation 0.030EUR20112010-2011
 PROMOTING AFRICAN ACCESS TO CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM AND ENERGY (PACE)United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional  Mitigation 0.030EUR20112010-2011
Armenia, Azerbaijan, GeorgiaConference: Climate change adaptation - challenge and opportunity for the CaucasusLiechtensteinCaucasus  Adaptation 0.033EUR20112011
  NorwayAmerica Regional  Adaptation 0.037USD20112010
 ASSESSING ADAPTATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF ADAPTATIONUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational  Adaptation 0.040EUR20112010-2011
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Adaptation 0.041USD20112010
 AFRICA CLIMATE CHANGE CHAMPIONSUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional   Unknown0.050EUR20112010-2011
 Support for the implementation of enhanced action on mitigation by developing country Parties under the Cancun Agreements, including support to African countries experts on preparation of national appropriate mitigation actions.JapanAfrica Regional  Mitigation 0.060USD2011Mar 2011
 LOW CARBON GROWTH, ADAPTATION AND MITIGATIONUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational   Unknown0.060EUR20112010-2011
 AFRICA CLIMATE CHANGE RESOURCE FACILITYUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional   Unknown0.080EUR20112010-2011
 INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - CLIMATE CHANGEUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational   Unknown0.080EUR20112010-2011
  SlovakiaVarious  Mitigation 0.110EUR2011 
 Global Alliance for Clean CookstovesMaltaVarious Global Alliance for Clean CookstovesMitigation 0.125EUR20112010
  NorwayCentral Asia  Mitigation 0.132USD20112010
  NorwayEurope Regional  Adaptation, Mitigation 0.132USD20112010
 STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK WITH BRITISH RED CROSS - BUILDING RESILIENCE AND DISASTER PREPAREDNESSUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational  Adaptation 0.140EUR20112010-2011
 SUPPORT SERVICES FORESTRYUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational  MitigationREDD+0.150EUR20112010-2011
 Support to a regional workshop in Africa on familiarizing Parties with the process and the requirements of the accreditation of national implementing entities to the Adaptation Fund.JapanAfrica Regional  Adaptation 0.160USD2011Mar 2011
 "HIGH-LEVEL DESIGN OF THE ""CLEAN POOL FUND"""United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational   Unknown0.170EUR20112010-2011
  NorwayCentral Asia, South Asia  Adaptation 0.194USD20112010
 RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ADAPTATION CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES WINDOW (AFRICA CLIMATE CHANGE).United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional   Unknown0.230EUR20112010-2011
  ItalyLatin America  Mitigation 0.280EUR2011 
 INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR TRADE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK AGREEMENTUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational   Unknown0.290EUR20112010-2011
 AFRICAN AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION (AATF) PHASE 2 OF DFID FUNDING, 2010 - 2013United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional  Adaptation 0.320EUR20112010-2011
 OPTIONS FOR PILOTING CREDITING AND TRADING MECHANISMSUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational   Unknown0.340EUR20112010-2011
 EUROPEAN CAPACITY BUILDING INITIATIVE SUPPORT TO AFRICAN NEGOTIATORSUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional   Unknown0.340EUR20112010-2011
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
Chile NorwayAmerica Regional  Mitigation -12.159USD20122011
Philippines Norway   Mitigation -2.432USD2013Disbursed 2012
Liberia Norway   Mitigation -0.147USD20112010
Angola Norway   Mitigation -0.109USD20112010
Angola Norway   Mitigation -0.109USD2013Total 2010-2012
South Africa Norway   Mitigation -0.081USD20112010
Somalia Norway   Adaptation -0.025USD2013Disbursed 2012
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Mitigation -0.020USD20112010
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Mitigation -0.020USD2013Total 2010-2012
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Mitigation -0.020USD2013Disbursed 2010
Mali Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.000USD20112010
Mexico Norway   Mitigation 0.000USD20112010
Nepal Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.000USD2013Disbursed 2011
Montenegro Norway   Mitigation 0.000USD2013Total 2010-2012
Bhutan Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.000USD2013Total 2010-2012
  NorwayEurope Regional  Mitigation 0.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
Montenegro Norway   Mitigation 0.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
Bhutan Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
NepalPower Plant Extension SCECOSwitzerland    Energy0.000CHF20122011
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)PROSEDERSwitzerland   Adaptation 0.000CHF20122011
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Sustainable Management of Natural Resources GESTORSwitzerland   Adaptation 0.000CHF20122011
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Adaptation, Mitigation 0.002USD2013Disbursed 2012
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Adaptation, Mitigation 0.002USD2013Total 2010-2012
Cambodia Norway   Adaptation 0.003USD20112010
Botswana Norway   Adaptation 0.003USD2013Total 2010-2012
Botswana Norway   Adaptation 0.003USD20112010
Eritrea NorwayAfrica Regional  Mitigation 0.005USD20122011
GeorgiaThe project aims to draw attention of young people on their every day consumption habits and how it influence on greenhouse gas emission.Lithuania   Mitigation 0.006EUR20122011
GeorgiaThe project aims to draw attention of young people on their every day consumption habits and how it influence on greenhouse gas emission.Lithuania   Mitigation 0.006EUR20132011
Liberia Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.008USD2013Total 2010-2012
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1 Note for European Union. In some cases information is only a sample of projects that has been made available, thus the individual figures do not necessarily add up to the sum total made available by a specific Member State.

2 Note for Germany 2011.

3 Note for Japan 2012.