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Recipient Parties

This section provides information on the Fast-start Finance (FSF) allocations, whenever such information has been provided by contributing Parties. It also includes detailed data on projects and activities supported by contributing countries. However, the information vary in details as some contributing countries provided detailed information in their submission while other countries only provided samples of projects they supported and referred to their web sites for detailed information.

The information contained under the category "Implementation period" comprises information provided by Parties on the implementation period and/or disbursement period of the specific project or activity.

The information below can be filtered for various variables.

Recipient Party

Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
Cambodia Norway   Adaptation 0.028USD2013Disbursed 2012
Viet Nam NorwayAsia Regional  Mitigation 0.029USD20122011
Dominican Republic Norway   Mitigation 0.029USD2013Total 2010-2012
Dominican Republic NorwayAmerica Regional  Mitigation 0.029USD20122011
ChileIntegral Management of Watershed with Emphasis in Sustainable Development of Rural Territory and EnvironmentJapan   AdaptationWater and Sanitation0.030USD2011Dec 2010
MozambiqueReduction of climate change impacts in coastal zonesJapan   Adaptation 0.030USD2011Sep 2010
PhilippinesProject on System Loss Reduction for Philippine Electric CooperativesJapan   MitigationEnergy and resource saving0.030USD2011Nov 2010
TurkeyThe trainng for optimal power generation for peak demandJapan   MitigationEnergy and resource saving0.030USD2011Jul 2010
ZambiaProject for Support in National Roll-out of Sustainable Operation and Maintenance Programme (SOMAP 3)Japan   AdaptationWater and Sanitation0.030USD2011Jan 2011
Uganda NorwayAfrica Regional  Adaptation, Mitigation 0.032USD20122011
EthiopiaImproves access to clean water, providing access to alternative energy.Malta   Mitigation 0.033EUR2013
EthiopiaImproves access to clean water, providing access to alternative energy.Malta   Mitigation 0.033EUR2012 
Armenia, Azerbaijan, GeorgiaConference: Climate change adaptation - challenge and opportunity for the CaucasusLiechtensteinCaucasus  Adaptation 0.033EUR20112011
Jordan Norway   Adaptation 0.035USD2013Disbursed 2012
Jordan Norway   Adaptation 0.035USD2013Total 2010-2012
Lao People's Democratic Republic Norway   Adaptation 0.036USD2013Disbursed 2012
Zimbabwe Norway   Adaptation 0.036USD2013Total 2010-2012
Zimbabwe NorwayAfrica Regional  Adaptation 0.036USD20122011
Bhutan Norway   Adaptation 0.037USD2013Disbursed 2012
IndonesiaDesign funds for future programmesUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   Mitigation 0.037EUR20132011-2012
Pakistan Norway   Mitigation 0.038USD2013Total 2010-2012
Pakistan Norway   Mitigation 0.038USD20112010
Sri Lanka Norway   Adaptation 0.038USD20112010
Eritrea Norway   Mitigation 0.039USD20112010
EthiopiaThe proposed project aims to improve the Ethiopian beneficiaries’ access to sanitation and clean water, to improve the overall health status of the targeted community and to ameliorate the environmental condition found in the target area by minimising health related problems emanated from poor environmental sanitation and the lack of eco-friendly, alternative energy source.Malta   Adaptation 0.039EUR20132012
KenyaThis project aims to construct a borehole.Malta   Adaptation 0.040EUR20132012
IndiaThe project involves the installation of solar electricity (through a system utilising photovoltaic cells) in a school, hostel and residences for children.Malta   Mitigation 0.040EUR20132012
PanamaInfluence of Climate Changes on the Hydrological Cycle in the Panama Canal WatershedJapan   Adaptation 0.040USD2011Oct 2010
South Africa Norway   Adaptation 0.042USD2013Disbursed 2012
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Contributing Parties

Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartySort by this columnRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
 The Adaptation Fund has recently been working with the Solomon Islands to enhance its agricultural and food security and has endorsed future work with Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands. The Adaptation Fund was designed to finance adaptation projects and programs in developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, including Pakistan. Funding to these initiatives is to flow over financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13. A number of African countries are also receiving support through the Adaptation Fund including Eritrea and Senegal.Australia Adaptation Fund Adaptation 15.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaSoutheast Asia International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 15.800 2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Investments are primarily made via regional adaptation funding. A$16.5 million fast-start funding (of a total A$17.5 million commitment) has been allocated, and adaptation projects are currently being programmed. These projects focus on supporting regional partners and communities in the Caribbean to address vulnerabilities associated with climate change, and to assist in natural disaster preparation and response planning. This includes an allocation of A$2.3 million to Caribsave, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, for activities that will improve the capacity of Caribbean countries to reduce their vulnerability and enhance their resilience to natural disasters.AustraliaCaribbean  Adaptation 16.500AUDUpdate 2011 
 Funding to the Caribbean to support key regional organisations and fund local level adaptation activitiesAustraliaCaribbean  Adaptation 16.500AUD2011 
IndonesiaMost advanced large-scale demonstration activities in Indonesia that is reducing deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD+)Australia  Kalimantan Forests and Climate PartnershipMitigation 17.000AUD2011 
Indonesia Australia  Kalimantan Forests and Climate PartnershipMitigationREDD+17.000AUD2011 
 The PCCSP assists decision makers and planners in 14 Pacific island countries and Timor-Leste to better understand how their climate and oceans have changed and potential future changes. The PCCSP works closely with partner countries and regional stakeholders to build capacity in climate science across the region.Australia  Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP)  18.000AUD2011 
Timor-LesteThe PCCSP is a A$20 million program, of which A$18 million is fast-start finance. This program is helping partners in the Pacific (and East Timor) to better understand, measure and adapt to the impacts of climate change.Australia  Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP)  18.000AUDUpdate 2011 
  Energising Development partnership: Australia is supporting the Energising Development partnership (EnDev) to develop sustainable markets for improved cooking technologies in developing countries including in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The unsustainable collection of fuel wood is an important driver of forest degradation. Australia’s support will promote sustainable cooking technologies as well as a better understanding of the relationship between fuel wood use and deforestation and forest degradation. In supporting the EnDev Partnership, Australia is helping to build an existing initiative that has a proven track record in delivering access to sustainable energy. The lead agency for implementing the Partnership is Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) which has a large and well established network in developing countries, ensuring that supported activities are responsive to regional and local as well as national needs.AustraliaAfrica Regional, Asia Regional, Latin America    20.000AUD2013 
  AustraliaSouth Asia  Adaptation 23.000AUD2011 
 Through ICCAI, Australia is investing up to A$23 million in South Asia to improve climate resilience and build climate risk into vulnerable sector management. This funding is currently being programmed, with the majority of funding to be invested in financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13.AustraliaSouth Asia  Adaptation 23.000AUDUpdate 2011 
  Australia LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 24.000AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 This commitment brings Australia's total contribution to the CTF to A$100 million. As part of the Climate Investment Funds, the US$4.5 billon CTF promotes finance for demonstration, deployment and transfer of low-carbon technologies as one of the key drivers to a low carbon future.Australia Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   25.000AUD2011 
 Australia has invested A$25 million fast-start funding (of an overall commitment of A$100 million) to support the uptake of clean technology.The CTF has a number of programs which are providing assistance to the Asian region, including programs doubling Indonesia's geothermal power capacity and reducing emissions in the Philippines by 3.7 million tonnes. African countries have also benefited from the CTF, with investments in concentrated solar power (CSP) in the Middle East and North Africa to double worldwide CSP capacity.Australia Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   25.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 The majority of Australia's fast-start finance that is flowing directly to Africa is channelled primarily through ICCAI, with A$25 million being allocated to adaptation. This investment is currently being programmed and will focus on water resource management, food security and agricultural productivity.AustraliaAfrica Regional  Adaptation 25.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 Other multilateral (mixed)Australia Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   25.000AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
  AustraliaAfrica Regional  Adaptation 25.000AUD2011 
 Supports REDD+ activities in developing countries, including Indonesia and Laos. Also investment in a number of African countries, including pilots in Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ghana.Australia  Forest Investment Program (FIP)  25.500AUDUpdate 2011 
 Other multilateral (mixed)Australia  Forest Investment Program (FIP)  25.500AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Sumatra: Australia  Sumatra Forest Carbon PartnershipMitigationREDD+30.000AUD2011 
 Pacific Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning: One of three programs delivered under the International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI), the Pacific Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning program (PACCSAP) is building an adaptation science and research base to assist Pacific countries to better manage future climate risk. Following on from an earlier program, The Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP), which delivered research and country level climate change projections,5 the PACCSAP has continued to build the capacity of National Meteorological Services and the science base as well as delivering communication and awareness activities. Strengthening the adaptation science base allows partner countries in the Pacific to reliably identify national climate change priorities, integrate climate change considerations into decision-making, and understand the economic implications of future climate change impacts and adaptation measures. For example, developing damage and loss estimates for the Pacific region from future climate change cyclone projections will help national government better quantify economic risk and develop solutions.Australia     32.000AUD2013 
 Mitigation component of contribution to the fifth replenishment of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), which provides support for environment and climate change activities in most African countries.Australia  GEFMitigation 37.800AUDUpdate 2011 
 Other multilateral (mixed)Australia  GEF  37.800AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Global Environment Facility's support for mitigationAustralia  GEF Low emissions growth38.000AUD2011 
 Multilateral; 40% Adaptation, 60% MitigationAustralia   Adaptation, Mitigation 42.900AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 The World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility: Australia supports the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), a global partnership of governments, businesses, civil society, and indigenous peoples established to provide financial and technical assistance to countries seeking to build their capacity to effectively implement REDD+. National ownership is well evidenced at the FCPF, where features such as the Readiness Plan Proposal process encourage countries to identify their specific capacity and support needs to implementing REDD+ at the national level. This country-driven process encourages ownership of the process from the national government down to the local community level. In ensuring this shared ownership, REDD+ is given the best chance to flourish throughout a country.Australia  World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility REDD+44.600AUD2013 
 Through ICCAI, Australia is investing up to A$48 million directly in South East Asia to improve climate resilience and build climate risk into vulnerable sector management. This funding is currently being programmed, with the majority of funding to be invested in financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13.AustraliaSoutheast Asia  Adaptation 48.000AUDUpdate 2011 
  AustraliaSoutheast Asia  Adaptation 48.000AUD2011 
 Disbursed (Allocated A$145.9)Australia  International Forest Carbon Initiative (IFCI)Mitigation 48.500AUDUpdate 2011 
 A$134 million of fast-start funding under ICCAI is allocated to the Pacific. Over A$54 million has been invested, including through two key programs, the Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP) and the Pacific Adaptation Strategy Assistance Program (PASAP).AustraliaPacific    54.000AUDUpdate 2011 
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstituteTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
Guatemala, India, Peru, TajikistanCapacity Building for Adaptation to Climate ChangeGermany2  German Agro Action/Oro VerdeAdaptation 0.700EUR201108/2010-12/2010
ArmeniaIFC Armenia Sustainable Energy Finance ProjectAustria  International Finance Corporation (IFC)Adaptation 0.700EUR20112010-2011
MalawiInternational Potato CentreIreland  CIPAdaptation 0.750EUR20112010
 Capacity building programItalyMultilateral Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)Adaptation, Mitigation 0.750EUR2011Various depending on the specific project
Egypt, Israel, Libya, Morocco, TunisiaMediterranean climate activitiesItaly  Various depending on the specific projectAdaptation, Mitigation 0.760EUR2011Various depending on the specific project
 Appui au PSM**FranceNorth Africa French GEFMitigation 0.800EUR20112010-2012
GlobalPREVENT - Providing Support to Delegations from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) for the Post-2012 Negotiations - Phase IIGermany2  Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK e.V.)Adaptation 0.800EUR201108/2010-08/2011
 Pilot activities - Green FacilityDenmarkInternational UNEP RisoeAdaptation 0.800EUR20112010-
 UNFCCC Trust Fund for ParticipationDenmarkInternationalUNFCCC Trust Fund for ParticipationUNFCCCAdaptation 0.800EUR20112010-2011
LebanonRisk prevention and management measures and management of cedar nature reserve in Lebanon.Italy  Italian CooperationAdaptation, Mitigation 0.820EUR20112010-2011
TunisiaGestion ?cosyst?mes forestiers de ChambiFrance  French GEFMitigationREDD+0.900EUR20112010-2012
BrazilRefrigerator Recycling Programme - Phase IIGermany2  GIZMitigationTechnology0.900EUR201108/2010-04/2012
ChinaFrom Halogenated Refrigerants to Climate-Friendly Hydrocarbons - Showcase Production of Environmentally Sound Air-Conditioning Systems - Phase IIGermany2  GIZMitigationTechnology0.900EUR201108/2010-10/2011
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ukraine"""SYNENERGY"""Greece  Hellenic Centre for Renwable Energy Sources (CRES)Mitigation 0.900EUR20112010
Viet NamExploring Mechanisms to promote High Biodiversity REDD: Piloting in VietnamGermany2  SNV Viet NamMitigationREDD0.900EUR201111/2010-08/2013
MexicoMexico Climate InitiativeItaly  Various depending on the specific projectMitigation 0.920EUR2011Various depending on the specific project
Pacific Small Island Developing StatesCooperation on climate changeItaly  Various depending on the specific projectAdaptation, Mitigation 0.950EUR2011Various depending on the specific project
Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesClimate Change Vulnerability, Risk Assessment, Adaptation in the CaribbeanGreece  Carribean Community Climate Change CentreAdaptation 1.000EUR20112010
Andean NationsAddress the impact of tropical glacier retreat in mountainous and glacial areas as a result of climate change. The initiative seeks to build capacity for water resource management and support research on hydrological cycles and glacier dynamics.United States of America  Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas program Capacity building1.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Promoting climate risk management and reducing vulnerability to strengthen sustenable agriculture production in selected areas of Bolivia. Aid 9407/02/0Italy  FAOAdaptation 1.000EUR20112010-2011
 Appui au financements innovants des aires prot?g?esFranceSouth America French GEFMitigationREDD+1.000EUR20112010-2012
 D?veloppement REDD+ sur le plateau des GuyanesFranceSouth America French GEFMitigationREDD+1.000EUR20112010-2012
MozambiqueAdaptation parc de QuirimbasFrance  French GEFAdaptation 1.000EUR20112010-2012
ChinaCarbone rural (bambous) et renforcement de capacit?s (Yunnan, Sichuan)France  French GEFMitigationREDD+1.000EUR2011 
ChinaSwitching XPS Foam Production from F-Gases to Climate-Friendly CO2 Technology - Phase IIGermany2  GIZMitigationTechnology1.000EUR201108/2010-06/2011
  LuxembourgInternational Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)Adaptation 1.000EUR2011 
  European Union1  Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)  1.000EUR20112010
 Indian Ocean Commission SecretariatGreeceIndian Ocean Commission Indian Ocean Commission SecretariatAdaptation 1.000EUR20112010
LebanonClimate Change Mitigation - Renewable energies (SHW)Italy  Italian CooperationMitigation 1.000EUR20112010-2012
  LuxembourgInternational UN-REDD REDD+1.000EUR2011 
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
  United States of America Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   300.000USD2013FY 2010
 Among the investments approved by the CTF in FY 2010 was $750 million in CTF co-financing (anticipated to mobilize an additional $4.85 billion from other sources), to support the deployment of about one gigawatt of concentrated solar power generation capacity and related infrastructure in five countries in the Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia.United States of America Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Mitigation 300.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
EgyptMultilateral Funding Directly Benefiting Egypt, to Which the United States Contributes a Portion: A $300 million investment plan under the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), plus an additional $95 million for a regional project; the United States contributed $230 million to the CTF in 2012.United States of AmericaMiddle EastClean Technology Fund (CTF)African Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and the World Bank  300.000USDUpdate 2012FY 2012
  European Union1 Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   365.600EUR20122011
IndonesiaMultilateral Funding Directly Benefiting Indonesia, to Which the United States Contributes a Portion: A $400 million investment plan under the Clean Technology Fund (CTF); the United States contributed $230 million to the CTF in 2012. United States of AmericaAsia RegionalClean Technology Fund (CTF)Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC)  400.000USDUpdate 2012FY 2012
MexicoMultilateral Funding Directly Benefiting Mexico, to Which the United States Contributes a Portion: A $500 million investment plan under the Clean Technology Fund (CTF); the United States contributed $230 million to the CTF in 2012.United States of AmericaCaribbean, Latin AmericaClean Technology Fund (CTF)Inter-American Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, and the World Bank  500.000USDUpdate 2012FY 2012
  United States of America Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   714.600USD2013Total
IndiaMultilateral Funding Directly Benefiting India, to Which the United States Contributes a Portion: A $775 million investment plan under the Clean Technology Fund (CTF); the United States contributed $230 million to the CTF in 2012. United States of AmericaAsia RegionalClean Technology Fund (CTF)Asian Development Bank and the World Bank  775.000USDUpdate 2012FY 2012
  United States of America Climate Investment Funds (CIF)   235.000USD2012Beginning in FY 2011
Developing CountriesContribution to CIF (Climate Investment Fund)Japan Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Adaptation, Mitigation 322.280USD2011May 2010
 300 million LTF, 55 million Pilot Project for Climate Resilience, 20 million Forest Investment ProgramUnited States of America Climate Investment Funds (CIF)   375.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
Developing CountriesContribution to CIF (Climate Investment Fund)Japan3 Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Adaptation, MitigationOther644.560USD20121/5/2010-1/8/2011
 To help developing countries respond to climate changeUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternationalClimate Investment Funds (CIF), Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) All EUR20122010-2011
  SwedenVariousClimate Technology Fund (WB) Mitigation 22.000EUR2011 
  SwedenVariousClimate Technology Fund (WB) Mitigation 32.000EUR20122010-2011
 Helping local communities in forest zones to secure sustainable livelihoods and deforestation. Grant Financing.CanadaCongo BasinCongo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)  Forests and Agriculture20.000CAD2013 
Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Rwanda, Sao Tome and PrincipeCanada's $20 million contribution to the Congo Basin Forest Fund provides support for the implementation of sustainable forest management projects and the promotion of conservation and sustainable management. The Congo Basin in Central Africa is home to one-quarter of the world's tropical forests. This vast area is critical for regional and global ecological services as it acts as a carbon sink and catchment basin. The Congo Basin countries are the home to nearly 100 million people, of which some of the world's poorest people, many of whom depend on the forest for their livelihoods.CanadaCentral AfricaCongo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)African Development Bank Multi-sector20.000CAD2012FY 2011/2012
  Norway Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)   25.800USD2013Disbursed 2012
  Norway Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) Mitigation 26.000USD20112010
 "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandCongo BasinCongo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)  REDD+39.910EUR20122010-2011
  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandCongo BasinCongo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) MitigationREDD+39.910EUR20112010-2011
  Norway Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)   52.400USD2013Disbursed 2010-1012
 Five projects in advance of the main Congo Basin Project Fund, with a goal of increasing the capacity of the people and institutions in Congo Basin forest communities to manage and protect their forests sustainably. The projects were initiated whilst the mechanisms of the main CBFF Fund were being established. Their intention was to signal the range and type of projects the CBFF could support.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica RegionalCongo Basin Forestry Start Up Fund  REDD+0.560EUR20122011-2012
 Start-up funding for the interim establishment and operation of the Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) and the delivery of a small regional project portfolio responding to immediate national and regional demands and pressures faced by the forests of the CongoUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandCentral AfricaCongo Basin Forestry Start Up Fund  REDD+2.870EUR20122010-2011
 CONGO BASIN FORESTRY START UP FUNDUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandCentral AfricaCongo Basin Forestry Start Up Fund MitigationREDD+2.870EUR20112010-2011
 EBRD Technical Cooperation FundSlovakia EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund Mitigation 0.130EUR2011 
  Norway Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (carbon fund)   150.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
  Norway Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (carbon fund)   150.000USD2013Disbursed 2010-1012
 Forest Carbon partnership facility - Readiness FundItalyMultilateralForest Carbon Partnership Facility - Readiness Fund MitigationREDD+3.840EUR20112010
 Support to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility's Readiness Fund (possibly including provisions for support to REDD+ Partnership actions / Paris-Oslo process)European Union (European Commission)Africa Regional, Asia Regional, Latin America, PacificForest Carbon Partnership Facility - Readiness FundWorld BankMitigationREDD+4.000EUR20112011-2014
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
 Support for promotion of international climate negotiations, civil society interventions on climate change issues, a technical counselling facility, and administrationDenmarkInterregional   Crosscutting issues5.400EUR20122011-2013
 Support for promotion of international climate negotiations, civil society interventions on climate change issues, a technical counselling facility, and administrationDenmarkInterregional   Crosscutting issues5.400EUR20132011-2013
 Incremental portion of Canada’s annual contribution to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) during the fast-start period. $18.5M in each of the three years of fast-start financing used for the incremental portion of annual payments for Canada’s contribution to the 5th Replenishment of the GEF (2010–2014), which is a total of $238M, representing a more than 50% increase over the 4th Replenishment. Grant Financing.CanadaGlobal Global Environment Facility Crosscutting issues55.350CAD2013 
  SwedenVarious ISDR Disaster risk reduction4.000EUR2011 
  SwedenVarious ISDR Disaster risk reduction8.000EUR20122010-2011
 Consultance Environnement / briques; disbursements end of 2012: 45,040 CHFSwitzerlandAfrica Regional, Great Lakes Region   Energy0.041CHF20132010-2012
NepalPower Plant Extension SCECO; disbursements end of 2012: 471,290 CHFSwitzerlandAsia Regional   Energy0.500CHF20132010-2012
 Global Energy Basel 2012-2013; disbursements end of 2012: 572,500 CHFSwitzerlandGlobal   Energy0.573CHF20132010-2012
IndonesiaREDD+ Presidental Task Force; disbursements end of 2012: 910,000 CHFSwitzerlandAsia Regional   Energy0.990CHF20132010-2012
 Swiss Platform Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in International Co-operation REPIC; disbursements end of 2012: 1,000,000 CHFSwitzerlandGlobal   Energy1.000CHF20132010-2012
ColombiaGreen Building Code; disbursements end of 2012: 1,370,000 CHFSwitzerlandLatin America   Energy1.622CHF20132010-2012
 Environmental and Social Financing Standards; disbursements end of 2012: 1,846,600 CHFSwitzerlandAsia Regional   Energy1.847CHF20132010-2012
 disbursements end of 2012: 2,500,000 CHFSwitzerlandGlobal REEP - The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership Energy2.500CHF20132010-2012
IndonesiaResource Efficient and Cleaner Production ; disbursements end of 2012: 3,600,000 CHFSwitzerlandAsia Regional   Energy4.064CHF20132010-2012
Cambodia, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Jordan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, Viet NamResource Efficient and Cleaner Production Program (UNIDO); disbursements end of 2012: 4,300,000 CHFSwitzerlandGlobal UNIDO Energy4.300CHF20132010-2012
IndonesiaRenewable Energy Program; disbursements end of 2012: 4,452,750 CHFSwitzerlandAsia Regional   Energy4.453CHF20132010-2012
 Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program SREP; disbursements end of 2012: 4,500,000 CHFSwitzerlandGlobal   Energy4.500CHF20132010-2012
 Sustainable Business Advisory (IFC); disbursements end of 2012: 5,400,000 CHFSwitzerlandGlobal International Finance Corporation (IFC) Energy5.400CHF20132010-2012
Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Viet Namdisbursements end of 2012: 7,000,000 CHFSwitzerlandGlobal World Bank: Partnership for Market Readiness Energy7.000CHF20132010-2012
 Private Infrastructure Development Group PIDG; disbursements end of 2012: 10,710,000 CHFSwitzerlandGlobal   Energy10.710CHF20132010-2012
South AfricaNew Mechanism FS for Integrated Energy Efficiency Activities at Beer/Beverage Factories Using Specific Energy Consumption Methods in South AfricaJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of the EnvironmentMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.017USD2013Jul - 2011
 Contribution to ERIA(biofuel project and energy saving project) (ASEAN, Japan, China, Korea, India, Australia, NZ)JapanEast Asia Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ERIAMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.078USD2013Apr - 2010
 Reserch for spread of low-carbon technology in East Asia ((ASEAN,Japan,China,Korea,India,Australia,NZ))JapanEast Asia Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustriesMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.209USD2013Sep - 2010
South AfricaSurvey on an energy-saving project in South Africa's cement industryJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustriesMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.226USD2013Aug - 2012
South AfricaNEDO F/S:Energy Saving in Car Factory by Gas Turbine Generator (cogeneration)JapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry NEDOMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.428USD2013Oct - 2011
South AfricaEnergy Efficiency ImprovementJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.443USD2013Dec - 2011
 Reserch for making energy saving roadmaps in East Asia countries ((ASEAN,Japan,China,Korea,India,Australia,NZ))JapanEast Asia Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustriesMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.478USD2013Oct - 2010
ASEAN, China, IndiaReserch for making energy saving roadmaps in East Asia countriesJapan3East Asia Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustriesMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.480USD2012Oct 2010
South AfricaNEDO F/S:Study for Introduction of energy saving technologies in South Africa steel industryJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry NEDOMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.519USD2013Oct - 2011
MozambiqueProject for the Comprehensive Urban Transport Master Plan for the Greater MaputoJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAMitigationEnergy and resource saving1.209USD2013Jan - 2012
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
BrazilgrantAustria  Energy Changes REDD+0.010EUR20132012
ArgentinaThe aim of this workshop is to strengthen capacity concerning REDD+ in South Andean forests.Austria  N.A. REDD+0.010EUR20122011
Burkina FasoProvision of a primary school with PV-systemsAustria  Initiative eine WeltMitigation 0.010EUR20122011
GeorgiaAim of activities is support improvement of GHG inventory and projection system as well as increase public awareness about climate change issues, including promotion of use of renewable energy resources and implementation of new climate friendy technologiesLatvia  Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of LatviaMitigation 0.010EUR20132011
Albania Norway   Mitigation 0.011USD20112010
Ukraine NorwayEurope Regional  Adaptation 0.011USD20122011
Ukraine Norway   Adaptation 0.011USD2013Total 2010-2012
Albania Norway   Mitigation 0.011USD2013Total 2010-2012
 2012 disbursmentSloveniaGlobal UNFCCCMitigation 0.012EUR20132012
Democratic Republic of the Congo Norway   Adaptation 0.013USD2013Disbursed 2010
Democratic Republic of the Congo NorwayAfrica Regional  Adaptation 0.014USD20122011
Democratic Republic of the Congo Norway   Adaptation 0.014USD2013Disbursed 2011
Sri Lanka NorwayAsia Regional  Adaptation 0.014USD20122011
MadagascarA water harvesting system which will provide access to water to a community within a region which is very arid, hot and exposed to cyclones and also has clay soil which leaves rain water to remain on the ground. Malta   Adaptation 0.015EUR20132012
Lebanon Italy   Adaptation 0.015EUR20132009-2011
NicaraguaEconomic development for integrated management and climate change adaptation in priority watersheds in the Gulf of FonsecaSpain  Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID)Adaptation 0.016EUR20132012
CambodiaCDM and Programme CDM workshop in CambodiaJapan  Ministry of the EnvironmentMitigationGeneral0.016USD2013Jul - 2010
Mali Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.016USD2013Disbursed 2012
Kyrgyzstan NorwayAsia Regional  Mitigation 0.017USD20122011
Cambodia NorwayAsia Regional  Mitigation 0.017USD20122011
Kyrgyzstan Norway   Mitigation 0.017USD2013Total 2010-2012
Costa RicaControl and Protection Strategy for the Central Pacific Conservation Area (ACOPAC)Japan  Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptation, MitigationForestry0.017USD2013Oct - 2010
Viet NamTechnical Assistance Project to Establish an Agency Managing the Operation and Maintenance of Metropolitan Railway Lines in Hanoi CityJapan  Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.017USD2013May - 2012
NepalSeminar for promoting CDM projectsJapan  Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAMitigationGeneral0.017USD2013Jan - 2010
IndiaExpert on West Bengal Piped Water Supply Project in the District of PuruliaJapan  Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptationWater and Sanitation0.017USD2013Sep - 2012
Lao People's Democratic RepublicTraining session for CDM in LaosJapan  Ministry of the EnvironmentMitigationGeneral0.017USD2013Jul - 2010
BeninStudy for the Rehabilitation and Sustainable Management of Sacred Forests on Ramsar Sites 1017 and 1018 in BeninJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs ITTOAdaptation, MitigationForestry, REDD0.017USD2013Nov - 2012
South AfricaNew Mechanism FS for Integrated Energy Efficiency Activities at Beer/Beverage Factories Using Specific Energy Consumption Methods in South AfricaJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of the EnvironmentMitigationEnergy and resource saving0.017USD2013Jul - 2011
Lao People's Democratic RepublicSeminar on CDM towards government official and private business in LaosJapan  Ministry of the EnvironmentMitigationGeneral0.017USD2013Feb - 2010
ThailandNew Mechanism FS for Waste Management Activities in ThailandJapan  Ministry of the EnvironmentMitigationWaste Management0.017USD2013Jul - 2011
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