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Recipient Parties

This section provides information on the Fast-start Finance (FSF) allocations, whenever such information has been provided by contributing Parties. It also includes detailed data on projects and activities supported by contributing countries. However, the information vary in details as some contributing countries provided detailed information in their submission while other countries only provided samples of projects they supported and referred to their web sites for detailed information.

The information contained under the category "Implementation period" comprises information provided by Parties on the implementation period and/or disbursement period of the specific project or activity.

The information below can be filtered for various variables.

Recipient Party

Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
Chile NorwayAmerica Regional  Mitigation -12.159USD20122011
Philippines Norway   Mitigation -2.432USD2013Disbursed 2012
Liberia Norway   Mitigation -0.147USD20112010
Angola Norway   Mitigation -0.109USD20112010
Angola Norway   Mitigation -0.109USD2013Total 2010-2012
South Africa Norway   Mitigation -0.081USD20112010
Somalia Norway   Adaptation -0.025USD2013Disbursed 2012
GeorgiaActivity in the framework of Agreement between the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of GeorgiaLatvia  Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of LatviaAdaptation 0.000EUR20112010
NepalPower Plant Extension SCECOSwitzerland    Energy0.000CHF20122011
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)PROSEDERSwitzerland   Adaptation 0.000CHF20122011
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Sustainable Management of Natural Resources GESTORSwitzerland   Adaptation 0.000CHF20122011
Viet NamThese resources will be used in activities that provide an involvement and participation of local communities, for the realization of projects aims at socio-economic development and environmental protection, with specific emphasis on the protection of forests and biodiversity.Italy  DGCS REDD+0.000EUR2013 
AfghanistanThe initiative aims at supporting vulnerable people in Herat and other Afghan Provinces, providing first relief and improving accessibility to basic social and health services.Italy  DGCSAdaptation 0.000EUR20132013-2014
Viet NamThe project aims to expand the flood forecasting and warning system put into place throughout phase 1 in Vietnamese regions affected by climate change, to enhance the predictability of floods and the community response.Italy  DGCSAdaptation 0.000EUR2013Not defined yet, possible start 2013
GeorgiaAction aims to assist in identification of adaptation mesaures by providing expertiseLatvia  Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of LatviaAdaptation 0.000EUR20122010
Bhutan Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
Montenegro Norway   Mitigation 0.000USD2013Disbursed 2012
Bhutan Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.000USD2013Total 2010-2012
Montenegro Norway   Mitigation 0.000USD2013Total 2010-2012
Nepal Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.000USD2013Disbursed 2011
Mexico Norway   Mitigation 0.000USD20112010
Mali Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.000USD20112010
GeorgiaAction aims to assist in identification of adaptation mesaures by providing expertiseLatvia  Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of LatviaAdaptation 0.002EUR20132010
Cambodia Norway   Adaptation 0.003USD20112010
Botswana Norway   Adaptation 0.003USD20112010
Botswana Norway   Adaptation 0.003USD2013Total 2010-2012
Burkina FasoProvision of a primary school with PV-systemsAustria  Initiative eine WeltMitigation 0.005EUR20132011
Eritrea NorwayAfrica Regional  Mitigation 0.005USD20122011
Afghanistan2012 disbursmentSlovenia  NGOsMitigation 0.006EUR20132012
GeorgiaThe project aims to draw attention of young people on their every day consumption habits and how it influence on greenhouse gas emission.Lithuania   Mitigation 0.006EUR20122011
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Contributing Parties

Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsSort by this columnTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
BotswanaRegional Programs Benefiting a Number of Countries, Including Botswana: to strengthen resilience through the Resilience in the Limpopo River Basin Initiative. The amount provided here does not necessarily reflect the sum total of climate-related financing provided by the U.S. Government to this country.United States of AmericaAfrica Regional  Resilience in the Limpopo River Basin (RESILIM) initiative  2.100USDUpdate 2012FY 2012
BrazilWill be provided at a later stageAustria  - REDD+0.010EUR20132012
  Norway NDF - Nordic Development Fund-  3.000USD2013Disbursed 2010
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Georgia, Mozambique, Serbia, Uganda, United Republic of TanzaniaCentral America (regional project), Southeast Asia (regional project) : Will be provided at a later stageAustriaCentral America, Southeast Asia -AdaptationCapacity building3.900EUR2013-
 Capacity building of civil societyDenmarkInternational 92-gruppen (Danish NGO)Adaptation 1.070EUR20112010-
SenegalThe projet aims to improve the economic development in the region of Matam, Senegal, through the introduction of some applications of renewable energy, in particular the solar, the thermal, the photovoltaicItaly  ACRA- NGOMitigation 0.390EUR20132011-2014
EthiopiaThis project supports the development of REDD+ readiness activities in Ethiopia's North Gondar region.Austria  ADA/EPA REDD+0.030EUR20132010-2011
EthiopiaThis project supports the development of REDD+ readiness activities in Ethiopia's North Gondar region.Austria  ADA/EPA REDD+0.030EUR20122010-2011
United Republic of Tanzania Catalytic fund to stimulate private sector investment and innovation on renewable energy and climate adaptation technology, particulary in rural areas.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  AECF Renewable Energy and Adapting to Climate Technologies (REACT) Private Sector Challenge Fund Tanzania WindowAdaptation, Mitigation 2.650EUR20122011-2012
 grantAustriaMulti, Sub-Sahara Africa AEE - INTECMitigationCapacity building0.990EUR20132012-2015
AfghanistanEgalement au Tadjikistan; GERES - Afghanistan & Tadjikistan - Energie pour le développement économique et la lutte contre la pauvretéFrance  AFD  0.900EUR20132012-2014
 Palestine: Réhabilitation réseau eau potable de Beit Sira*France  AFD  1.000EUR20132012-2014
 Appui à la mise en place de programmes d'assurance récolte indicielle en Afrique de l'ouestFranceAfrica Regional AFD  1.000EUR20132012-2014
 suivi et gestion des ressources en eau : autorit? du bassin du NigerFranceNiger basin AFDAdaptation 1.700EUR20112010-2012
 Le bassin du Niger qui regroupe 9 pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest sur pr?s de 100 000 km2 est confront? ? un enjeu critique de mobilisation de la ressource en eau, face ? la r?duction importante des ?coulements de surface et une augmentation forte des besoins et usages d’une population en croissance tr?s rapide. La finalit? du projet est de doter l’Autorit? de Bassin du Niger des moyens lui permettant d’assurer avec efficience le suivi des ressources en eau et des grands ouvrages hydrauliques pour une gestion int?gr?e et coordonn?e de ces ouvrages.FranceNiger basin AFDAdaptation 1.700EUR20122010-2012
SeychellesEau et assainissement aux SeychellesFrance  AFD  3.900EUR20132012-2014
WorldForest carbon partnership facilityFrance  AFD REDD+4.000EUR20122011-2013
WorldForest carbon partnership facilityFrance  AFD REDD+4.000EUR20122011-2013
Democratic Republic of the CongoL’objectif du projet est de favoriser le d?marrage de l’?laboration des plans d‘am?nagement des concessions foresti?res afin de cr?er une dynamique d'am?nagement durable capable de s’?tendre rapidement ? l'ensemble des massifs forestiers de la RDC.France  AFD REDD+5.000EUR20122010-2012
Democratic Republic of the CongoAppui a la gestion durable des foretsFrance  AFDMitigationREDD+5.000EUR20112010-2012
 Programme de développement régional au sud ouest de la RCA - PDRSOFranceCentral Africa AFD  5.000EUR20132012-2014
MozambiqueRéhabilitation et renforcement des réseaux d'eau potableFrance  AFDAdaptation 6.700EUR20122011-2013
MozambiqueRéhabilitation et renforcement des réseaux d'eau potableFrance  AFDAdaptation 6.700EUR20122011-2013
GabonMise ? disposition des donn?es satellitaires pour le suivi des for?ts d'afrique centraleFrance  AFD REDD+8.500EUR20122011-2013
GabonMise ? disposition des donn?es satellitaires pour le suivi des for?ts d'afrique centraleFrance  AFD REDD+8.500EUR20122011-2013
MoroccoDans un contexte de ressources en eau restreintes et de besoins en croissance, la gestion de la demande en eau est un enjeu crucial qui vise une meilleure r?silience de l’?conomie aux effets du changement climatique. Le programme d’am?lioration du rendement de r?seau de la ville d’Oujda est un cas embl?matique de gestion de l’eau par la demande pour une R?gie des Eaux. L’objectif du programme est d’accroitre les rendements de distribution et en cons?quence de r?aliser des ?conomies d’eau significatives de 2,5 ? 6.8 millions de m3/an diminuant la tension sur la ressource (ainsi qu’une diminution des consommations ?nerg?tiques pour le pompage de l’eau, ce qui contribue en outre ? une diminution de la quantit? de CO2 ?mise), France  AFDAdaptation 10.000EUR20122010-2012
MoroccoAm?lioration du rendement du r?seau d'eau de la ville d'OujdaFrance  AFDAdaptation 10.000EUR20112010-2012
 Palestine: Construction d'un centre d'enfouissement technique dans la bande de GazaFrance  AFD  10.000EUR20132012-2014
GhanaPlantations villageoises d'h?v?aFrance  AFDMitigationREDD+14.000EUR20112010-2012
GhanaLe projet permettra de financer 10 500 ha de plantations nouvelles par des planteurs villageois dans les R?gions Ouest et Centrale du pays avec des impacts significatifs en termes ?conomiques ainsi que de s?questration de GES.France  AFD REDD+14.000EUR20122010-2012
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstituteTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
GeorgiaActivity in the framework of Agreement between the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of GeorgiaLatvia  Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of LatviaAdaptation 0.000EUR20112010
GeorgiaActivity in the framework of Agreement between the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of GeorgiaLatvia  Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of LatviaMitigation 0.010EUR20112010-2011
Cape VerdeSupporting participation of Cape Verde delegates in theUNFCCC processPortugal  CECAC  0.020EUR20112010
GlobalThe Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP)Lithuania  World BankAdaptation 0.020EUR2011 
SIDSClimate Change Diplomacy ProjectMalta  DiploFoundationAdaptationCapacity building0.025EUR2011The project ran from 2008 to 2010. The funds for 2010 were allocated from Fast-Start financing.
GlobalStudy on clean development mechanism and genderFinland  MFA Finland/GreenStream Network OyjMitigationCDM, Gender0.030EUR20112010
BelarusInstitutional strengthening of the Belarusian administration responsible for protection of the environment through the promotion of good governance in selected areasPoland  Ministry of EnvironmentAdaptation 0.030EUR20112010
 Two demonstration energy projectsSloveniaWestern Balkans NGOsMitigationInvestment project0.030EUR20112010-2011
UkraineAn exchange of experience in the field of system solutions and good practices in energy efficiency in Poland and UkrainePoland  Association for Innovation and Technology Transfer "Horizons"Adaptation 0.040EUR20112010
MontenegroExpanded energy survey of public facilities and economic evaluation of the biomass heating systemSlovenia  EkoidejaMitigationInvestment project0.040EUR20112010-2011
GeorgiaForestry Education in schools in Kvemo Kartii in GeorgiaPoland  Polish Embassy in Georgia Disaster risk reduction0.040EUR20112010
GeorgiaPreparation of a concept model of forestry in Georgia in the example of the Racza RegionPoland  Forest Research Institute Disaster risk reduction0.050EUR20112010
Developing Countries Iceland  Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) - Women's Delegates Fund Capacity building0.050USD2011Planned allocation in 2011
GeorgiaSupport for the reform of forestry - protection of forests by strengthening the competence of forestersPoland  Polish Embassy in Georgia Disaster risk reduction0.060EUR20112010
AfghanistanHydoelectric power station in GelanPoland  Ministry of DefenceAdaptation 0.070EUR20112010
UkraineTwo countries - one energy efficiency programme. Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the supranational European Commission initiative entitled Covenant of MayorsPoland  Association of Municipalities - Polish Network "Energie Cites"Adaptation 0.090EUR20112010
EthiopiaCapacity development in the field of engineering geology and hydrogeologyCzech Republic  Aquatest a.s. Capacity building0.100EUR20112010-2012
Indonesia, Thailand, Viet NamVulnerability assessment and adaptation to climate change for water resource management in coastal cities of Southeast AsiaGermany2  Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)Adaptation 0.100EUR201111/2011-10/2014
KenyaCapacity Building for Activities Concerning Climate Change MRV System and AdaptationSlovakia  SAIDCAdaptation, MitigationCapacity building for MRV0.100EUR20112010-2011
Guinea-BissauAccess to waterPortugal  VIDAAdaptation 0.100EUR20112010
SenegalTerritorial approach to climate change (TACC), SenegalBelgium  Walloon Agency for Air and Climate (Walloon Region)Adaptation, Mitigation 0.100EUR2011Starting November 2010
UkraineEnergy efficiency planning for the benefit of budget and climate in UkrainePoland  Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCIAdaptation 0.120EUR20112010
KenyaForest Protection Strategy for Improved Carbon Balance and Preservation of Biodiversity Despite Climate ChangeSlovakia  SAIDCAdaptationCapacity building0.120EUR20112010-2011
Sao Tome and PrincipeSolar panels in schoolsPortugal  TESEMitigation 0.120EUR20112010
UkraineExchange of experience between the Polish agricultural advisory and Ukraine in the field of agricultural development including environmental and renewable energy sourcesPoland  The Warmia and Masuria Center of Agricultural Advisory SupportAdaptation 0.120EUR20112010
 Global Alliance for Clean CookstovesMaltaVarious Global Alliance for Clean CookstovesMitigation 0.125EUR20112010
LDCs Iceland  UNU training programs in Iceland Capacity building0.150USD2011Planned allocation in 2011
MongoliaWater supply - extention of water resources in the province of OrkhonCzech Republic  Geomin cooperativeAdaptation 0.160EUR20112010-2012
SerbiaSolar Energy for Handicapped Children in SerbiaSlovakia  SAIDCMitigationTechnology0.160EUR20112010-2011
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Creating a regional system of protected areas, indigenous lands and forests for integrated sustainable management of the Amazon Bolivia. Aid. 8378/CESVI/BOLItaly  CESVI (NGO)Mitigation 0.180EUR20112008-2010 (only the contribution for 2010 has been considered in the column "Contribution by EU or MS (million€)"
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
LDCsUN Women fund for Gender Equality (earmarked contribution for Gender and Climate Change). Subject to final approvalIceland UN Women fund for Gender EqualityUN WomenAdaptation 0.100USD2012Planned allocation in 2012
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries FundUNFCCC / GEFAdaptation 0.134USD2013Allocation in 2011
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries FundUNFCCC / GEFAdaptation 0.134USD2012Allocation in 2011
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 0.150USD2011Planned allocation in 2011
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries FundUNFCCC / GEFAdaptation 0.150USD2013Allocation in 2012
 UNFCCC Trust Fund for ParticipationDenmarkInternationalUNFCCC Trust Fund for ParticipationUNFCCCAdaptation 0.800EUR20112010-2011
 Participation by developing countries in extraordinary meetings leading up to COP16DenmarkInterregionalUNFCCC Trust Fund for ParticipationUNFCCCAdaptation 0.800EUR20122010-2011
  LuxembourgInternationalAdaptation Fund Adaptation 1.000EUR20122011
 The LDCF was established under the UNFCCC and aims to address the special needs of the LDCs, which are especially vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change. This includes preparing and implementing NAPA's.HungaryTBDLDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 1.000EUR20122011
  HungaryTBDLDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 1.000EUR20112011
  LuxembourgInternationalAdaptation Fund Adaptation 1.000EUR20132012
Burkina FasoIUCN Adaptation FundSweden IUCN Adaptation FundIUCN - International Union for Conservation of NatureAdaptation 2.160EUR20112010-2012
  SpainInternationalSCCF - Special Climate Change FundGEFAdaptation 4.000EUR20112010-11
 SCCF is a specific fund to support activities and programs in the area of adaptation to climate change, technology transfer, energy, transport, industry and waste management, among others, in developing countries.SpainInternationalSCCF - Special Climate Change FundGEFAdaptation 4.000EUR20122010-2011
BangladeshBangladesh Climate Change Resilience FundSweden Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience FundGovt. of BangladeshAdaptation 9.700EUR20112010-2012
GlobalThe Adaptation Fund has been established by the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol of the UNFCCC to finance concrete adaptation projects and programmes in developing countries that are Parties to the Kyoto Protocol.Germany Adaptation FundWorld BankAdaptation 10.000EUR20122010
Global Germany2 Adaptation FundWorld BankAdaptation 10.000EUR2011
  BelgiumTBDLDCF - Least Developed Countries FundN.A.Adaptation 10.000EUR2011Starting November 2010
 Contribution for Least Developed Countries Fund for Climate Change (LDCF)DenmarkInterregionalLDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 10.700EUR20122010-2012
  DenmarkInternationalLDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 10.700EUR20112010-
  SwedenVariousAdaptation Fund Adaptation 11.000EUR2011 
 Support to range of developing countries to implement concrete adaptation projects and programmes, with a focus on vulnerable communities.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternationalAdaptation Fund Adaptation 11.520EUR20122011-2012
 The Adaptation Fund has recently been working with the Solomon Islands to enhance its agricultural and food security and has endorsed future work with Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands. The Adaptation Fund was designed to finance adaptation projects and programs in developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, including Pakistan. Funding to these initiatives is to flow over financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13. A number of African countries are also receiving support through the Adaptation Fund including Eritrea and Senegal.Australia Adaptation Fund Adaptation 15.000AUDUpdate 2011 
  Australia Adaptation Fund Adaptation 15.000AUD2011 
 Support capacity building for adaptationAustralia LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 15.000AUD2011 
  addresses the special needs of the 48 Least Developed Countries (LDCs), which are especially vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change. Fund established by the UNFCCC and managed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternationalLDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 17.280EUR20122011-2012
 Increasing climate resilience among small-scale agricultural producers. Grant Financing.CanadaGlobalInternational Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Adaptation 19.850CAD2013 
GlobalIFAD's Agriculture Smallholder Adaptation Program (ASAP) is a new multi-donor grant co-financing programme that will be used to invest in climate resilience for smallholders. This new program will invest in a range of climate smart agriculture practices and technologies to help smallholder farmers, especially women, adapt to climate change by improving land and water management practices. This program will also help to strengthen individual and community level capacity on adaptation and weather-related disaster risk reduction. Canada International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Adaptation 19.850CAD2012FY 2011/2012
 The LDCF was established under the UNFCCC and aims to address the special needs of the LDCs, which are especially vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change. This includes preparing and implementing NAPAs.BelgiumTBDLDCF - Least Developed Countries FundN.A.Adaptation 20.000EUR2012Starting November 2010
 Supporting the preparation and implementation of National Adaptation Programmes of Action on Climate Change in Least Developed Countries. Grant Financing.CanadaGlobalLDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 20.000CAD2013 
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
 Bequia Sustainable Water Supply (Project overall A$1.1 million, fast-start component A$110,000)AustraliaCaribbean    0.110AUD2012 
 Green Building Council of South Africa—Cato Manor AustraliaAfrica Regional    0.125AUD2012 
 Viet Nam Low Carbon Rice Project: Australia is assisting rice farmers in the Mekong Delta to change the way they cultivatestheir rice crops to reduce greenhouse gas emission from rice production, while enhancing yields, creating environmental co-benefits, and providing supplementary income through the international carbon market. Implemented by the Environmental Defense Fund, the objectives of the project align with a number of national strategies, ensuring harmonisation with national-level planning. For example, Viet Nam’s National Green Growth Strategy outlines a commitment to join international efforts to reduce GHG emissions, recognising that promoting low-carbon growth also has broader benefits for sustainable development. The project also supports the Vietnamese Governments’ National Strategic Vision to 2030 for rice production and food security, which recognises the Mekong Delta as crucial to food security, both for Viet Nam and the world.AustraliaMekong Delta    1.300AUD2013 
 Savanna Fire Management Initiative: Through a new methodology developed under Australia’s Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), Indigenous communities and pastoralists in tropical north Australia are reducing emissions by reintroducing traditional-style early dry season savanna burning practices. The CFI is allowing these groups to receive payments for the reduction, supplementing other income streams. Australia is now exploring the applicability of this methodology in developing countries, in collaboration with the United Nations University and the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance Ltd. The initiative will share Australia’s savanna fire management mitigation methodology and project experience with developing countries, while also laying the groundwork for establishing projects by identifying potential pilot sites and in-country partners.AustraliaPacific island countries    2.250AUD2013 
 Community Level Climate Change fund for countries in the Mekong sub-region (mitigation)AustraliaMekong sub-region  Mitigation 2.500AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Community level Climate Change fund for countries in the in the Mekong sub-region (adaptation)AustraliaMekong sub-region  Adaptation 2.500AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
Developing CountriesMRV Capacity Building Program: Australia is supporting a range of developing countries in Africa and Asia to build their capacity to understand, quantify and report their greenhouse gas emissions, with a view to establishing robust and transparent national measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems. In designing the program, Australia took account of existing initiatives, such as the UNFCCC Regional MRV program, International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV, and UNDP’s Low Emissions Capacity Building Programme. Doing so was important to avoiding duplication, maximising coverage, and focusing Australia’s contribution to ensure it has the most impact. As the Program rolls out, Australia will continue to coordinate closely with associated programs and donors to ensure that our investments work in a complementary manner.AustraliaAfrica Regional, Asia Regional    3.000AUD2013 
 Australia has recently allocated A$3 million to support a Pacific Standards and Labelling Assistance program to reduce emissions and create a more energy efficient electricity sector in the Pacific. This program focuses on aligning energy efficiency standards in everyday appliances like fridges, air conditioners and lighting with established standards in Australia and New Zealand.AustraliaPacific Pacific Standards and Labelling Assistance program  3.000AUDUpdate 2011 
Papua New GuineaThe Pacific Community-based Adaptation in Papua New Guinea (Manus and New Ireland)AustraliaPacific  Adaptation 3.500AUD2012 
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaCaribbean International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 5.200AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Facilitating local adaptation action in the Pacific by funding community-based adaptation activities through the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program and supporting Non-Government Organisations to address priority adaptation needs across multiple Pacific communitiesAustraliaPacific Global Environment Facility Small Grants ProgramAdaptation 5.500AUD2011 
 Fast-start scale-up of successful pilot project in the Mekong DeltaAustraliaAsia Regional, Mekong Delta    9.600AUD2012 
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaAfrica Regional International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 10.000 2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaSouth Asia International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 12.200AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaSoutheast Asia International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 15.800 2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Funding to the Caribbean to support key regional organisations and fund local level adaptation activitiesAustraliaCaribbean  Adaptation 16.500AUD2011 
 Investments are primarily made via regional adaptation funding. A$16.5 million fast-start funding (of a total A$17.5 million commitment) has been allocated, and adaptation projects are currently being programmed. These projects focus on supporting regional partners and communities in the Caribbean to address vulnerabilities associated with climate change, and to assist in natural disaster preparation and response planning. This includes an allocation of A$2.3 million to Caribsave, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, for activities that will improve the capacity of Caribbean countries to reduce their vulnerability and enhance their resilience to natural disasters.AustraliaCaribbean  Adaptation 16.500AUDUpdate 2011 
  Energising Development partnership: Australia is supporting the Energising Development partnership (EnDev) to develop sustainable markets for improved cooking technologies in developing countries including in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The unsustainable collection of fuel wood is an important driver of forest degradation. Australia’s support will promote sustainable cooking technologies as well as a better understanding of the relationship between fuel wood use and deforestation and forest degradation. In supporting the EnDev Partnership, Australia is helping to build an existing initiative that has a proven track record in delivering access to sustainable energy. The lead agency for implementing the Partnership is Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) which has a large and well established network in developing countries, ensuring that supported activities are responsive to regional and local as well as national needs.AustraliaAfrica Regional, Asia Regional, Latin America    20.000AUD2013 
  AustraliaSouth Asia  Adaptation 23.000AUD2011 
 Through ICCAI, Australia is investing up to A$23 million in South Asia to improve climate resilience and build climate risk into vulnerable sector management. This funding is currently being programmed, with the majority of funding to be invested in financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13.AustraliaSouth Asia  Adaptation 23.000AUDUpdate 2011 
  AustraliaAfrica Regional  Adaptation 25.000AUD2011 
 The majority of Australia's fast-start finance that is flowing directly to Africa is channelled primarily through ICCAI, with A$25 million being allocated to adaptation. This investment is currently being programmed and will focus on water resource management, food security and agricultural productivity.AustraliaAfrica Regional  Adaptation 25.000AUDUpdate 2011 
  AustraliaSoutheast Asia  Adaptation 48.000AUD2011 
 Through ICCAI, Australia is investing up to A$48 million directly in South East Asia to improve climate resilience and build climate risk into vulnerable sector management. This funding is currently being programmed, with the majority of funding to be invested in financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13.AustraliaSoutheast Asia  Adaptation 48.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 A$134 million of fast-start funding under ICCAI is allocated to the Pacific. Over A$54 million has been invested, including through two key programs, the Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP) and the Pacific Adaptation Strategy Assistance Program (PASAP).AustraliaPacific    54.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 The remaining A$80 million of adaptation investments in the Pacific are projected to be disbursed over the next two financial years. These will support a range of activities, including: A$32 million to support climate change science and adaptation planning to provide better information regarding climate risks and to build resilience to future climate change. A$30 million for bilateral investments that will focus on integrating climate risk and adaptation into key development sectors, including food and water security and infrastructure protection, for concrete on-the-ground actions. A$11 million to partner with non-government organisations (NGOs) to meet local level adaptation needs. A$7 million to work with key regional organisations, including the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP) to implement climate change programs.AustraliaPacific  Adaptation 80.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaPacific International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 88.200AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
  AustraliaPacific  Adaptation 134.000AUD2011 
SIDSAustralia is assisting to build resilience and integrate climate risk into key vulnerable sectors in the Pacific.AustraliaPacific Australia's International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 134.000AUD2011 
 The project aims at strenthening the national and international practice-oriented dialogue and capacity development concerning burning issues at the environment and development interface - focusing mainly on climate change related challenges. For 2011 it includes support to of the annual meeting of the Poverty Environment Partnership (PEP). Common PEP-approaches to pro-poor natural resource management, climate change adaptation and mitigation in the context of nationally-owned Green Economy are discussed and developed.AustriaBilateral unallocated variousAdaptation, Mitigation 0.020EUR20122011
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
GeorgiaPromoting energy efficiency and renewable energy demonstration projects in sectors and buildings typically short of funding and lacking in donor support for energy improvements, such as hospitalsUnited States of America   Mitigation 0.900USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
Andean NationsAddress the impact of tropical glacier retreat in mountainous and glacial areas as a result of climate change. The initiative seeks to build capacity for water resource management and support research on hydrological cycles and glacier dynamics.United States of America  Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas program Capacity building1.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
GuatemalaInvesting in forested areas in the Pet?n, which are threatened by illegal logging and slash-and-burn agriculture. The U.S. investment helps to provide market incentives for sustainable forest management. In addition, this work is preserving forest carbon stocks and increase carbon sequestrationUnited States of America   Mitigation 1.500USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
UgandaInvesting in scaling-up the replacement of diesel-powered water pumps in northern Uganda with solar energy systems, especially among schools and health centers that benefit from USAID health and education fundsUnited States of America   Mitigation 1.500USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
MaldivesInvesting to support an adaptation program that aims to improve access to drinking water supplies and enhance resilience to climate change. The program will provide assistance to the Maldives on climate change adaptation strategies, with special emphasis on integrated water resources management.United States of America   Adaptation 3.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
 Clean energy program across several southern African countries: Africa Infrastructure Program, Southern African Development Community member states and the Regional Electricity Regulators Association, Private Financing Advisory NetworkUnited States of AmericaAfrica Regional  Mitigation 3.200USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
 Regional grant to support the implementation of energy efficiency policies and instrumentsUnited States of AmericaCaribbean GEFMitigation 5.500USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
KenyaProviding insurance to cover services associated with the coordination and exploration of new geothermal energy generation projects.United States of America   Mitigation 6.300USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
  United States of America  Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)Mitigation 10.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
IndonesiaInvesting to help Indonesia's efforts to reduce both deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions from its globally critical tropical and peat forest landscapesUnited States of America   Mitigation 17.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
ColombiaIn Colombia, USAID invested a total of $17.8 million over the three-year fast start period to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through clean energy and REDD+ projects, as well as activities under the Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) program. Since joining EC-LEDS, the Government of Colombia has begun to integrate climate change into its development objectives through its Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). In addition to helping develop the LCDS, USAID support is enabling Colombian EC-LEDS consultants in seven government ministries to build sectoral climate action plans and create the Colombia National System for Climate Change. The EC-LEDS partnership with Colombia provides a clear example of how both the United States and its partner countries can benefit from technical collaboration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while advancing economic growth.United States of America  Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) program REDD+17.800USD2013FY 2010 - FY 2012
  United States of America  Forest Investment Program (FIP)Mitigation 20.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
IndiaLending to a solar power project in the state of HaryanaUnited States of America   Mitigation 26.800USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
  United States of America LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 30.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
 Among the investments approved by the CTF in FY 2010 was $750 million in CTF co-financing (anticipated to mobilize an additional $4.85 billion from other sources), to support the deployment of about one gigawatt of concentrated solar power generation capacity and related infrastructure in five countries in the Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia.United States of America Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Mitigation 300.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
 UK COLLABORATIVE ON DEVELOPMENT SCIENCES - DISASTER RESEARCHUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational  Adaptation 0.020EUR20112010-2011
 To conduct a short, high-level review of ongoing and planned work on natural hazards, extreme events and disaster researchUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational UK collaborative on development sciences - disaster researchAdaptation 0.020EUR20122010-2011
  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational Climate Smart All0.020EUR20122011-2012
 Consultancy on private sector and direct access to inform TC on GCF design.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational Green Climate Fund design All0.020EUR20122011-2012
 To help develop methodology and approach to climate change adaptation at national levelsUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational  Adaptation 0.024EUR20132010-11
 PAN AFRICA DISASTER RISK POOL FOR FOOD SECURITYUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional  Adaptation 0.030EUR20112010-2011
 PROMOTING AFRICAN ACCESS TO CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM AND ENERGY (PACE)United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional  Mitigation 0.030EUR20112010-2011
 Design a potential programme to improve food security in Africa through regional risk financing that protects against the impact of climate related disasters.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional Pan Africa Disaster Risk Pool for Food SecurityAdaptation 0.030EUR20122010-2011
 Scope possible support to provide poor people and communities across sub-Saharan Africa with access to international carbon finance. In particular the Programme should demonstrate how poor communities can use carbon markets to benefit from cost-effectiveUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional Promoting African access to clean development mechanism and energy (PACE)Mitigation 0.030EUR20122010-2011
UgandaWorking with Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change (PFCC) to help build their capacity, advocate and promote dialogue on mainstreaming climate change in local districts and building the capacity of local government officials on climate change issues.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change (PFCC)Adaptation, Mitigation 0.030EUR20122011-2012
 Scope possible support to provide poor people and communities across sub-Saharan Africa with access to international carbon finance. In particular the Programme should demonstrate how poor communities can use carbon markets to benefit from cost-effectiveUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional  Mitigation 0.033EUR20132010-2011
 A dedicated team in DECC’s Strategy Directorate will provide direct technical support to 10 priority countries to develop their own in-house version of the UK’s 2050 Calculator.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandGlobal DECCMitigation 0.033EUR20132012
IndonesiaDesign funds for future programmesUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   Mitigation 0.037EUR20132011-2012
 ASSESSING ADAPTATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF ADAPTATIONUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational  Adaptation 0.040EUR20112010-2011
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1 Note for European Union. In some cases information is only a sample of projects that has been made available, thus the individual figures do not necessarily add up to the sum total made available by a specific Member State.

2 Note for Germany 2011.

3 Note for Japan 2012.