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Recipient Parties

This section provides information on the Fast-start Finance (FSF) allocations, whenever such information has been provided by contributing Parties. It also includes detailed data on projects and activities supported by contributing countries. However, the information vary in details as some contributing countries provided detailed information in their submission while other countries only provided samples of projects they supported and referred to their web sites for detailed information.

The information contained under the category "Implementation period" comprises information provided by Parties on the implementation period and/or disbursement period of the specific project or activity.

The information below can be filtered for various variables.

Recipient Party

Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
Eritrea Norway   Mitigation 0.039USD20112010
PanamaInfluence of Climate Changes on the Hydrological Cycle in the Panama Canal WatershedJapan   Adaptation 0.040USD2011Oct 2010
UkraineAn exchange of experience in the field of system solutions and good practices in energy efficiency in Poland and UkrainePoland  Association for Innovation and Technology Transfer "Horizons"Adaptation 0.040EUR20112010
GeorgiaForestry Education in schools in Kvemo Kartii in GeorgiaPoland  Polish Embassy in Georgia Disaster risk reduction0.040EUR20112010
MontenegroExpanded energy survey of public facilities and economic evaluation of the biomass heating systemSlovenia  EkoidejaMitigationInvestment project0.040EUR20112010-2011
Thailand Norway   Adaptation 0.045USD20112010
Sri Lanka Norway   Mitigation 0.049USD20112010
GeorgiaPreparation of a concept model of forestry in Georgia in the example of the Racza RegionPoland  Forest Research Institute Disaster risk reduction0.050EUR20112010
Developing Countries Iceland  Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) - Women's Delegates Fund Capacity building0.050USD2011Planned allocation in 2011
Lao People's Democratic Republic Norway   Mitigation 0.053USD20112010
Nepal Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.057USD20112010
Philippines Norway   Adaptation 0.059USD20112010
GeorgiaSupport for the reform of forestry - protection of forests by strengthening the competence of forestersPoland  Polish Embassy in Georgia Disaster risk reduction0.060EUR20112010
RwandaPILOTING OUTPUT-BASED FINANCING FOR CLIMATE CHANGEUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland    Unknown0.060EUR20112010-2011
IraqThe training on agricultural initiativeJapan   AdaptationFarming and irrigation0.060USD2011Jan 2010
Burundi Norway   Adaptation 0.062USD20112010
Brazil Norway   Adaptation 0.064USD20112010
Viet Nam Norway   Mitigation 0.069USD20112010
AzerbaijanEstablishment of an energy efficient schoolLiechtenstein   Mitigation 0.069EUR20112011
SerbiaCapacity Development Project on Nationally Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)Japan   Mitigation 0.070USD2011Nov 2010
ZimbabweCLIMATE CHANGE ZIMBABWEUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland    Unknown0.070EUR20112010-2011
AfghanistanHydoelectric power station in GelanPoland  Ministry of DefenceAdaptation 0.070EUR20112010
Georgia Norway   Adaptation 0.074USD20112010
SenegalAfforestation project within the Program: Rural development for sustainable food securityLiechtenstein   Mitigation 0.077CHF20112011
Cuba Norway   Adaptation 0.080USD20112010
Lao People's Democratic Republic Norway   Adaptation 0.080USD20112010
Kenya Norway   Adaptation 0.086USD20112010
UkraineTwo countries - one energy efficiency programme. Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the supranational European Commission initiative entitled Covenant of MayorsPoland  Association of Municipalities - Polish Network "Energie Cites"Adaptation 0.090EUR20112010
ZambiaZAMBIA CLIMATE RESILIENCE PROGRAMMEUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   Adaptation 0.090EUR20112010-2011
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Contributing Parties

Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartySort by this columnRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
Papua New GuineaThe Pacific Community-based Adaptation in Papua New Guinea (Manus and New Ireland)AustraliaPacific  Adaptation 3.500AUD2012 
Solomon IslandsInvestment in upgrading transport infrastructure in the Solomon Islands to reduce the risk from extreme weather events and coastal erosion.Australia   Adaptation 4.000AUDUpdate 2011 
Solomon IslandsUpgrading transport infrastructure in the Solomon Islands to reduce the risk of extreme weather events and coastal erosionAustralia   Adaptation 4.000AUD2011 
 Mitigation (multilateral)Australia  Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)Mitigation 5.000AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Low Emission Capacity Building Programme: Robust measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), and Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) are increasingly seen as important preconditions for receiving increased climate finance. However, the capacity for many developing countries to establish and generate these systems and mechanisms remains weak. Through the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Low Emissions Capacity Building Programme, Australia is supporting 25 countries to strengthen their institutional and technical capacity to plan and undertake mitigation actions, through the formulation of LEDS and NAMAs. The Programme is also assisting participants to establish the national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and MRV systems required to underpin their mitigation actions. Acknowledging that the responsibility for responding to climate change extends beyond national governments, the Programme is also supporting selected industrial sectors within partner countries to identify appropriate mitigation actions.Australia     5.000AUD2013 
KiribatiAustralia is supporting improved water security, increased coastal resilience and strengthening government capacity to plan for and adapt to the impacts of climate change through a contribution to the third phase of the Kiribati Adaptation ProjectAustralia  Kiribati Adaptation ProjectAdaptation 5.000AUD2011 
KiribatiContribution to the Kiribati Adaptation Project to support Kiribati to improve its water security and coastal resilience.Australia   Adaptation 5.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaCaribbean International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 5.200AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Facilitating local adaptation action in the Pacific by funding community-based adaptation activities through the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program and supporting Non-Government Organisations to address priority adaptation needs across multiple Pacific communitiesAustraliaPacific Global Environment Facility Small Grants ProgramAdaptation 5.500AUD2011 
IndonesiaSupport and provide technical advice to Indonesia in the design and development of its national carbon accounting system.Australia     8.000AUDUpdate 2011 
Indonesia Australia  Indonesia's National Carbon Accounting SystemMitigationREDD+8.000AUD2011 
 Australia has allocated A$24 million, and disbursed A$9 million, to the Least Developed Country Fund (LDCF). At least 20 per cent of funding from the LDCF flows to the Pacific and other SIDS, including a project on climate resilience in Samoa. Nearly 60 per cent of funding to the LDCF has been directed to Africa, primarily in the area of disaster preparedness and food and agricultural security.Australia LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund   9.000AUDUpdate 2011 
  Australia LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund   9.000AUD2011 
 Mitigation (multilateral)Australia  Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program (SREP)Mitigation 9.100AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
Viet NamViet Nam Climate Change and Coastal Ecosystems Program: Since 2008, Australia has partnered with the German and Vietnamese governments to work with communities in Kien Giang, Viet Nam to adapt to climate change and improve the management of coastal environments. This has included installing fences to prevent erosion, rehabilitating coastal forests, improving dyke management, and promoting new mangrove planting techniques. Based on the success of the Kien Giang pilot project, Australia invested A$9.6 million of its fast-start finance to support an expanded partnership between Australia and Germany across five provinces in the Mekong Delta, under the Climate Change and Coastal Ecosystems Program. The five year program will be supported by a national component that will promote the sharing of lessons and experiences across provinces to inform a national response to climate change.Australia     9.600AUD2013 
 Fast-start scale-up of successful pilot project in the Mekong DeltaAustraliaAsia Regional, Mekong Delta    9.600AUD2012 
 Mitigation (multilateral)Australia  Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) Mitigation 10.000AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaAfrica Regional International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 10.000 2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 Support investments in renewable energy to meet growing energy needs under the Program on Scaling-Up Renewable Energy in Low Income CountriesAustralia  Program on Scaling-Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries Low emissions growth10.000AUD2011 
 Capacity-building and piloting new market instruments through the Partnership for Market ReadinessAustralia  Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR)  Low emissions growth10.000AUD2011 
 Support developing countries in their efforts to develop and implement green growth strategies and policiesAustralia  Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)  10.000AUD2011 
Republic of KoreaSupport developing countries to generate and implement green growth strategies and policies, with a number of pilot projects underway, including in Cambodia and Indonesia. Ethiopia is one of the first partner countries to work with the GGGI, to deliver a comprehensive and detailed implementation plan for a Climate Resilient Green Economy.Australia  Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)  10.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 Under SREP, key projects are being targeted towards African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya and Mali.Australia  Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program (SREP)  10.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 Australia has allocated A$10 million to the Partnership for Market Readiness, with Thailand and Indonesia participating.Australia  Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR)   10.000AUDUpdate 2011 
Timor-LesteThe PASAP is a A$12 million program, of which A$10.2 million is fast-start finance. This program assists partners in the Pacific (and East Timor) to assess their vulnerability to climate change and integrate this information into their planning and development strategies with a focus on key sectors such as coastal stability and food and water security.Australia  Pacific Adaptation Strategy Assistance Program (PASAP)Adaptation 10.200AUDUpdate 2011 
 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI) (examples of funding earmarked to regions)AustraliaSouth Asia International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (ICCAI)Adaptation 12.200AUD2012Disbursed by 30 June 2012
 World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness: Australia is working with other governments through the World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) to build the capacity of countries to develop domestic carbon market instruments to scale up emission reduction efforts and support low carbon development. Helping to develop the essential “readiness” components for these instruments—such as data management, measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems and the creation of policy and regulatory frameworks—is a crucial part of the PMR’s work. The PMR, a global partnership of 28 developed and developing countries, has achieved a significant amount since it was established in 2011. It has exceeded its target capitalisation of $US100 million and approved funding for countries to develop detailed carbon market plans and work towards implementation of domestic carbon market instruments. In addition to grant funding and in-country expert support, partner countries build capacity by sharing lessons learned in technical workshops, policy dialogues and virtual knowledge platforms as they look to develop new or improve on existing domestic carbon market instruments.Australia  World Bank: Partnership for Market Readiness  12.500AUD2013 
BangladeshInvestments focusing on reducing vulnerability to disaster risk and to support institutions and organisations to implement development projects with climate change adaptation co-benefits.Australia     15.000AUDUpdate 2011 
 Support capacity building for adaptationAustralia LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 15.000AUD2011 
  Australia Adaptation Fund Adaptation 15.000AUD2011 
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstituteTypeActivityAmount (millions)CurrencyReportImplementation Period
SudanRestarting of Farming with Modern Technology at Maridi, South SudanSlovakia  SAIDCAdaptationAgriculture and water0.190EUR20112010-2011
GlobalFast Start Climate FacilityGermany2  GIZAdaptation 0.200EUR201107/2010-12/2010
KenyaUtilization of Solar Energy in KenyaSlovakia  SAIDCMitigationTechnology0.210EUR20112010-2011
AOSIS Canada  Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) Ministerial Meeting in November 2010  0.237CAD2011Nov 2010
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Renewable hydraulic energy supply through the construction of micro hydropower stations.Italy  ALISEI (NGO)Mitigation 0.280EUR20112008-2010
ChileImplementing fast-track climate finance - development of proposals for Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)Germany2  Ecofys Germany GmbHMitigationLEDS, MRV0.300EUR201111/2010-12/2011
EthiopiaSoil protection, minimization of negative effects of agriculture and water supply management in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Regional StateCzech Republic  Mendel University in Brno Capacity building0.300EUR20112010-2012
MozambiqueFast Start Finance of Adaptation to Climate Change along the River ChireGermany2  Munich Re Foundation/GIZAdaptation 0.300EUR201108/2010-12/2010
GeorgiaElectrification of remote areas in GeorgiaCzech Republic  Sunny WattMitigation 0.300EUR20112010
EcuadorYatsuni-ITTBelgium  Walloon Agency for Air and Climate (Walloon Region)Mitigation 0.300EUR2011Starting December 2010
MongoliaPlant Production Support in Arid Regions of MongoliaCzech Republic  Czech University of Life Sciences in PragueAdaptation 0.360EUR20112010
Republic of MoldovaFlood warning and monitoring system on the Prut RiverCzech Republic  Aquatest a.s. Capacity building0.440EUR20112010-2012
NepalIncreased Capacity of Hydrometeorological Services ICI-projectFinland  Finnish Meteorological InstituteAdaptationCapacity building0.490EUR20112010-2012
AfghanistanMechanical sewage treatment plant building in GhazniPoland  Ministry of DefenceAdaptation 0.490EUR20112010
 RES and EE project fianacing through the Hellenic Development Fund of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)GreeceBSEC Call for proposals still openMitigation 0.500EUR20112010
ChinaEnergy Efficiency in Chinese and Indian IndustryGermany2  DEG Invest (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH)Mitigation 0.500EUR201104/2010-12/2010
Syrian Arab RepublicSustainable development and conservation of the Syrian badiaItaly  DGCS and IUCNAdaptation 0.500EUR20112010-2012
GlobalGender in Adaptation and Low-Carbon Development. Raising Awareness, Building Capacity, Supporting National and International Policy Making.Germany2  GenderCC - Women for Climate JusticeAdaptation 0.500EUR201111/2010-10/2013
GlobalAdaptation Fund NetworkGermany2  Germanwatch e.VAdaptation 0.500EUR201109/2010-08/2013
EthiopiaRegional (Tigray) support programmeIreland  Govt. of EthiopiaAdaptation 0.500EUR20112010
Pacific Small Island Developing StatesManaging ecosystem & livelihood implications of energy policies in the Pacific Island States.Italy  IUCN - International Union for Conservation of NatureMitigation 0.500EUR20112009-2012 (only the contribution for 2010 has been considered in the column "Contribution by EU or MS (million€)"
LebanonEnforcement of the national Lebanese strategy for the mitigation of fire risks in rural areas.Italy  Italian CooperationAdaptation, Mitigation 0.500EUR20112010-2011
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Emergency Initiative in response to natural disasters and aimed at the promotion of an integrated natural disaster risk management and climate change adaptation. Aid. 8896/01/06Italy  Italian CooperationAdaptation 0.500EUR20112009 -2010 (only the contribution for 2010 has been considered in the column "Contribution by EU or MS (million€)"
GlobalAdvancing UNFCCC Negotiating Process through Preparatory Workshops for Negotiators from Developing CountriesGermany2  UNEPMitigation 0.500EUR201110/2010-12/2010
 Strategic Partnership for Marine Ecosystem and Coastal ManagementItalyMultilateral UNESCOAdaptation 0.580EUR2011Various depending on the specific project
 Environment Conflict ResolutionItalyMultilateral Columbia UniversityAdaptation, Mitigation 0.590EUR2011Various depending on the specific project
Nepal"EU/DFID Project ""Building Climate Resilience in Nepal"""Cyprus  DFID - Department for International DevelopmentAdaptation 0.600EUR201136 months from signing of Financing Agreement between EU/DFID and Nepal
  European Union1  UNESCO  0.600EUR20112010
 CCAFS brings together the world's best researchers in agricultural science, development research, climate science, and earth system science, to identify and address the most important interactions, synergies and tradeoffs between climate change, agriculture and food security.New Zealand  Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research for their programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)  0.700NZD20112010
Guatemala, HondurasFast Start Finance of Adaptation to Climate Change in Latin AmericaGermany2  GIZAdaptation 0.700EUR201107/2010-12/2010
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
 Africa Sustainable Forestry FundSpainAfrica RegionalGlobal Environment Fund MitigationREDD+15.100EUR20112010-
 Strategic Climate Fund (PPCR, FIP and SREP)DenmarkInternationalStrategic Climate Fund (PPCR, FIP and SREP)World BankAdaptation, MitigationREDD+16.900EUR20112010-
LDCsThe Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) addresses the urgent needs of the 49 least developed countries that are especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The Fund supports the implementation of National Adaptation Programmes of Action on Climate Change (NAPAs) in these countries. Canada is the 5th largest donor to the LDCF.Canada LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 20.000CAD2011Fiscal year 2010/11
  United States of America SCCF - Special Climate Change Fund   20.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
  SwedenVariousClimate Technology Fund (WB) Mitigation 22.000EUR2011 
  European Union1 LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 22.000EUR20112010
 This commitment brings Australia's total contribution to the CTF to A$100 million. As part of the Climate Investment Funds, the US$4.5 billon CTF promotes finance for demonstration, deployment and transfer of low-carbon technologies as one of the key drivers to a low carbon future.Australia Clean Technology Fund (CTF)   25.000AUD2011 
  Norway Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) Mitigation 26.000USD20112010
Guyana Norway Guyana REDD-Plus Investment Fund Mitigation 29.000USD20112010
  United States of America LDCF - Least Developed Countries Fund Adaptation 30.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandCongo BasinCongo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) MitigationREDD+39.910EUR20112010-2011
  SpainInternationalAdaptation FundWorld BankAdaptation 45.000EUR20112010-
  European Union1 Adaptation Fund Adaptation 67.000EUR20112010
GlobalClean Technology FundFrance Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Mitigation 67.700EUR20112010-2012
Global Germany2 Clean Technology Fund (CTF)World BankMitigationTechnology125.000EUR2011
  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternationalClean Technology Fund (CTF) Mitigation 176.750EUR20112010-2011
  European Union1 World Bank: Strategic Climate Fund   177.000EUR20112010
  European Union1 Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Mitigation 292.000EUR20112010
 Among the investments approved by the CTF in FY 2010 was $750 million in CTF co-financing (anticipated to mobilize an additional $4.85 billion from other sources), to support the deployment of about one gigawatt of concentrated solar power generation capacity and related infrastructure in five countries in the Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia.United States of America Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Mitigation 300.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
Developing CountriesContribution to CIF (Climate Investment Fund)Japan Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Adaptation, Mitigation 322.280USD2011May 2010
 300 million LTF, 55 million Pilot Project for Climate Resilience, 20 million Forest Investment ProgramUnited States of America Climate Investment Funds (CIF)   375.000USD2011Beginning in FY 2010
Developing Countries Iceland The Women's Delegate FundWomen's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) Capacity building0.040USD2012Allocation in 2011
Developing CountriesSubject to final approvalIceland The Women's Delegate FundWomen's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) Capacity building0.050USD2012Planned allocation in 2012
LDCsUN Women fund for Gender Equality (earmarked contribution for Gender and Climate Change). Subject to final approvalIceland UN Women fund for Gender EqualityUN WomenAdaptation 0.100USD2012Planned allocation in 2012
LDCs Iceland LDCF - Least Developed Countries FundUNFCCC / GEFAdaptation 0.134USD2012Allocation in 2011
 Five projects in advance of the main Congo Basin Project Fund, with a goal of increasing the capacity of the people and institutions in Congo Basin forest communities to manage and protect their forests sustainably. The projects were initiated whilst the mechanisms of the main CBFF Fund were being established. Their intention was to signal the range and type of projects the CBFF could support.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica RegionalCongo Basin Forestry Start Up Fund  REDD+0.560EUR20122011-2012
 OTEP addresses priority environmental issues, including adaptation to climate change and renewable energy issues in Overseas Territories.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandOverseas TerritoriesOverseas Territories Environment Programme' (OTEP) - Joint DFID/FCO Environmental Challenge Fund Adaptation, Mitigation 0.580EUR20122011-2012
GlobalThe UNFCCC Supplementary Fund provides developing countries with technical activities that help them implement their goals and commitments under the UNFCCC, such as having high quality national inventories, deploying clean technology, or developing national adaptation strategies. This contribution is part of a $1.65 million contribution over years 2 and 3.Canada UNFCCC Supplementary Fund  Multi-sector0.650CAD2012FY 2011/2012
 Participation by developing countries in extraordinary meetings leading up to COP16DenmarkInterregionalUNFCCC Trust Fund for ParticipationUNFCCCAdaptation 0.800EUR20122010-2011
GlobalSupport to UNFCCC ActivitiesCanada UNFCCC Trust Fund for Participation  Multi-sector1.000CAD2012FY 2010/2011
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
LDCsLeast Developed countries expert group operating under the framework of the UNFCCC frameworkIrelandMultilateral UNFCCCAdaptation 0.050EUR20132011
LDCsLeast Developed countries expert group operating under the framework of the UNFCCC frameworkIrelandMultilateral UNFCCCAdaptation 0.050EUR20132012
 Enhancing Capacity for Adaptation to Climate Change’ (ECACC) in UK Overseas Territories in the CaribbeanUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandOverseas Territories Enhancing Capacity for Adaptation to Climate Change (ECACC)Adaptation 0.050EUR20122011-2012
LDCsLeast Developed countries expert group operating under the framework of the UNFCCC frameworkIrelandMultilateral UNFCCCAdaptation 0.050EUR20122011
Dominican Republic, HaitiWorkshop on perspectives and proposal for collaboration among Italy, Central America and Caribbean for the mitigation hydro-environmental.ItalyCentral America DGCSAdaptation 0.050EUR2012 
 Improvement in fertility of the sandy soils in the semi-arid West Africa through organic matter managementJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs CGIARAdaptationFarming and irrigation0.052USD2013Dec - 2010
Thailand NorwayAsia Regional  Adaptation 0.059USD20122011
 Improvement in fertility of the sandy soils in the semi-arid West Africa through organic matter managementJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs CGIARAdaptationFarming and irrigation0.061USD2013Feb - 2010
Lao People's Democratic Republic NorwayAsia Regional  Adaptation 0.068USD20122011
Philippines NorwayAsia Regional  Adaptation 0.068USD20122011
MozambiqueIrrigation AdvisorJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptationFarming and irrigation0.070USD2013Jun - 2012
RwandaIrrigation AdvisorJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptationFarming and irrigation0.070USD2013Jun - 2011
 Expense for expert meeting on forestJapanAsia Regional, South America Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesAdaptationForestry0.078USD2013Feb - 2012
EthiopiaInfection Countermeasure through the supply aid of health service, safe water, sanitation and nutrition in collaboration with UNICEFJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs UNICEFAdaptationHealth0.078USD2013Jan - 2011
KenyaIrrigation Policy AdvisorJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptationFarming and irrigation0.087USD2013Jul - 2011
 Leading global environment and development research and advocacy groupIrelandMultilateral WRIAdaptation 0.090EUR20132012
 Leading global environment and development research and advocacy groupIrelandMultilateral WRIAdaptation 0.090EUR20122011
 Leading global environment and development research and advocacy groupIrelandMultilateral WRIAdaptation 0.090EUR20132011
 Preparation for food shortagesIrelandMultilateral FAOAdaptation 0.095EUR20132011
MozambiqueReduction of climate change impacts in coastal zonesJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptationOther0.096USD2013Sep - 2010
 Improving the water and nutrient use efficiency of crops under dry savannah and Sahel regions in AfricaJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs CGIARAdaptationFarming and irrigation0.096USD2013Dec - 2010
 Leading global environment and development research and advocacy groupIrelandMultilateral IIEDAdaptation 0.100EUR20132011
 Leading global environment and development research and advocacy groupIrelandMultilateral IIEDAdaptation 0.100EUR20122011
 Leading global environment and development research and advocacy groupIrelandMultilateral IIEDAdaptation 0.100EUR20132012
 Establishing linkages between hunger reduction, climate adaptation and social protection programmesIrelandMultilateral Institute of Development Studies (IDS)Adaptation 0.100EUR20132012
  This project will focus on securing the drinking water supply of the municipality Fort Portal, by improving the governance of water supply and sanitation practices at the upstream part of the Mpanga basin in Uganda.BelgiumTBD Flemish GovernmentAdaptation 0.102EUR2013Starting 2012
 Strengthen the cooperative management and development of trans boundary river basins in Africa (selection of priority basins to be determined). The programme is funded through and managed by the World Bank.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandAfrica Regional World BankAdaptation 0.103EUR20132012
ZimbabweIrrigation Development and Management AdvisorJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptationFarming and irrigation0.104USD2013May - 2012
 To conduct a short, high-level review of on-going and planned work on natural hazards, extreme events and disaster researchUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandInternational  Adaptation 0.106EUR20132010-2011
South Africa NorwayAfrica Regional  Adaptation 0.109USD20122011
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Recipient PartyDescriptionContributing PartyRegionFundInstitutionsTypeActivityAmountCurrencyReportImplementation Period
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Adaptation, Mitigation 0.002USD2013Total 2010-2012
  NorwayNorth & Central America Regional  Adaptation, Mitigation 0.002USD2013Disbursed 2012
Botswana Norway   Adaptation 0.003USD2013Total 2010-2012
 Aim of activities is raising of capacity on renewable energy resources and technology transferLatvia  Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of LatviaMitigation 0.003EUR20132012
Burkina FasoProvision of a primary school with PV-systemsAustria  Initiative eine WeltMitigation 0.005EUR20132011
 2011 disbursmentSloveniaWestern Balkans GovernmentAdaptation, Mitigation 0.005EUR20132011
Afghanistan2012 disbursmentSlovenia  NGOsMitigation 0.006EUR20132012
GeorgiaThe project aims to draw attention of young people on their every day consumption habits and how it influence on greenhouse gas emission.Lithuania   Mitigation 0.006EUR20132011
Liberia Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.008USD2013Disbursed 2012
Liberia Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.008USD2013Total 2010-2012
ArgentinaThe aim of this workshop is to strengthen capacity concerning REDD+ in South Andean forests.Austria  N.A. REDD+0.008EUR20132011
GeorgiaAction aims to build the capacity of public administration and experts in receiving country. The skills gained will be used during the project for creating instruments for rising public awareness and to promote climate change mitigation actions and technologiesLatvia  Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of LatviaMitigation 0.008EUR20132010-2011
ThailandNew Mechanism FS for Development of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Network in Bangkok, ThailandJapan  Ministry of the EnvironmentMitigationOther0.009USD2013Jul - 2011
TunisiaWaste Water Management for IraqJapanAfrica Regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs JICAAdaptation, MitigationWater Pollution Prevention0.009USD2013Oct - 2012
 Project aims to improve knowledge of certification of organic livestock farming.Lithuania   Adaptation 0.009EUR20132011
Syrian Arab Republic Norway   Adaptation, Mitigation 0.009USD2013Total 2010-2012
GeorgiaAim of activities is support improvement of GHG inventory and projection system as well as increase public awareness about climate change issues, including promotion of use of renewable energy resources and implementation of new climate friendy technologiesLatvia  Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of LatviaMitigation 0.010EUR20132011
KenyaBuilding of the water supply installation in the rural area in KenyaPoland  Ministry of Foreign AffairsAdaptation 0.010EUR20132012
EgyptContribution to the construction of the solar panel system for educational purposesPoland  Ministry of Foreign AffairsMitigation 0.010EUR20132012
KyrgyzstanImprovement of the access to water in the rural areaPoland  Ministry of Foreign AffairsAdaptation 0.010EUR20132012
NigeriaImprovement of the access to water in the rural areaPoland  Ministry of Foreign AffairsAdaptation 0.010EUR20132012
EthiopiaLivelihood support programme, diversifying peoples livelihoods, increasoing their resilience through development of sustainable agri tourism industry.Ireland  TESFAAdaptation 0.010EUR20132012
BrazilWill be provided at a later stageAustria  - REDD+0.010EUR20132012
BrazilgrantAustria  Energy Changes REDD+0.010EUR20132012
Albania Norway   Mitigation 0.011USD2013Total 2010-2012
Ukraine Norway   Adaptation 0.011USD2013Total 2010-2012
 2012 disbursmentSloveniaGlobal UNFCCCMitigation 0.012EUR20132012
Democratic Republic of the Congo Norway   Adaptation 0.013USD2013Disbursed 2010
Democratic Republic of the Congo Norway   Adaptation 0.014USD2013Disbursed 2011
MadagascarA water harvesting system which will provide access to water to a community within a region which is very arid, hot and exposed to cyclones and also has clay soil which leaves rain water to remain on the ground. Malta   Adaptation 0.015EUR20132012
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