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November 2013

Information event 2013 New!

During COP 19, a side event on "Fast-start Finance - lessons learned from 2010 to 2012" took place. The overall aim of the information event was to offer developed country Parties the opportunity to present information on their final fast-start finance (FSF), as well as for Parties to engage in in-depth discussions on important lessons learned during the FSF period.

Some of these presentations can be found below:

pdf-icon Programme (150 kB)
IISD coverage
Video coverage

pdf-icon Canada    (977 kB)
pdf-icon European Union  (144 kB)
pdf-icon Japan  (395 kB)
pdf-icon Liechtenstein (1187 kB)
pdf-icon New Zealand (156 kB)
pdf-icon Norway  (1603 kB)
pdf-icon Switzerland (112 kB)
pdf-icon United States of America (902 kB)

November 2012

Fast-start finance information event 2012

This event gave developed country Parties the opportunity to present and discuss their latest data on fast-start finance. Overall aim was to increase the general transparency of fast-start finance activities and to facilitate lessons learned from fast-start finance.

Some of these presentations can be found below:

pdf-icon Australia and International Climate Finance (1716 kB)
pdf-icon An overview of Canada's fast-start financing to date (176 kB)
pdf-icon EU fast-start funding from 2010 – 2012: provisional report (439 kB)
pdf-icon Japan's Fast-Start Finance for Developing Countries up to 2012 (354 kB)
pdf-icon Norway's fast start finance 2011 (221 kB)
pdf-icon U.S. Climate Finance in Fiscal Years 2010-2012 (709 kB)

November 2011

UNFCCC side event: "The UNFCCC finance portal - New modules on fast start finance and GEF managed funds"


The secretariat officially launched the Fast-Start Finance module of the Finance portal at COP 17 in Durban. This module provides user-friendly access to data from the information submitted by developed country Parties on the resources provided in order to achieve their Fast-Start Finance commitments.

The web stream of this side event can be found here:

Side event Finance Portal

June 2011

Information event on Fast-start Finance

At the second part of the 14th Session of the AWG-LCA in June 2011 in Bonn the LCA Chair decided to organize an information event on fast-start finance in order to give Parties the opportunity to exchange information and their views on this subject, as well as to address questions related to the contents of the submissions received by the secretariat.

Developed country Parties that had submitted their first fast-start finance reports by the time of this session participated in this event and provided presentations on their submissions. Some of these presentations can be found below:

pdf-icon Australia (1285 kB)
pdf-icon Canada (147 kB)