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Active Remedy Ltd
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Active Remedy Ltd
We are a Not for Profit Company registered in the UK founded in order to find a viable solution to the problems that are occurring and escalating in Earths' freshwater cycle. We are dedicated to the protection and restoration of the environment. Ecosystems, which maintain the hydrological cycle, are threatened with collapse if not given urgent attention. Among these mountains forests are critical. They are vital for maintaining quantity and quality of freshwater worldwide and in the regulation of global climate. We have formulated a model for the fast regeneration of mixed mountain forests worldwide. It includes us working directly with mountain communities in restoration, education, disaster risk reduction and poverty eradication.
All regions
Food security, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Water resources, Terrestrial ecosystems
Education, Disaster risk reduction, Pilot adaptation programmes/projects, Climate-resilient development planning
Adaptation planning and practices, Research
Drought, Flood

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