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Adapting to Climate Change in China Project (ACCC)
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Adapting to Climate Change in China Project (ACCC)
The project Adapting to Climate Change in China (ACCC) is an innovative policy research initiative focusing on linking climate change research with policy making and development. ACCC is a 3 year project started in June 2009 as a collaboration between UK, China and Switzerland; it is funded by the UK Department For International Development (DFID), the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC). ACCC is building on the results of a long standing collaboration between UK and China in the area of Climate Change adaptation. The purpose of the Adapting to Climate Change in China (ACCC) project is to develop and share internationally China’s experience of integrating climate adaptation into the development process, in order to reduce China’s, and other countries’, vulnerability to climate change.
Adapting to Climate Change in China (ACCC) Project 
Asia, Least Developed Countries
Food security, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Water resources, Human health, Science, assessment, monitoring and early warning
Capacity building, Knowledge management, Risk/vulnerability mapping, Pilot adaptation programmes/projects
Methods and tools, Data and observations, Climate modelling, scenarios and downscaling, Adaptation planning and practices, Technologies for adaptation, Climate related risks and extreme events, Research, Socio-economic information
Drought, Flood, Heatwave, Storms/tropical cyclone
Global, National, Sub-national

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