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How-to Develop Climate-resilient Plans: E-Learning Module
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How-to Develop Climate-resilient Plans: E-Learning Module
23/11/2012 02:17
World Bank (WB)
Action Pledge 1 Drawing on the knowledge generated under the Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change (EACC) study, the World Bank is developing an e-learning module to help policymakers understand how to develop climate-resilient development plans and to estimate costs of adaptation. The module sets the stage by providing an understanding of why countries need to adapt, who needs to adapt, and current estimates of what it will cost to adapt.  It then provides a “how-to” framework for developing climate-resilient plans and estimating adaptation costs and walks the reader through a concrete policy scenario for hands on learning.
All regions, Africa, Asia, Least Developed Countries, South America, Pacific, Arab States, Small Island Developing States, Caribbean and Central America
Education and training, Food security, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Oceans and coastal areas, Water resources, Transport, infrastructure and human settlements
Capacity building, Training, Climate-resilient development planning
Adaptation planning and practices, Climate related risks and extreme events, Methods and tools, Socio-economic information
Policy makers, Practitioners
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